FnS Interviews Groupthink Research Market Group

And now a REAL interview with comedic web series creators Angela Espinosa and Wendy Rosoff of Groupthink:

JS: Why base your series around a Marketing agency?

Based on our past experience with the web we knew that we wanted to create a series that we could seamlessly brand integrate. Having it be organic was extremely important to us and having Groupthink be a Marketing agency solved that problem immediately. The opportunities are endless.

JS: Are Cynthia and Pilar based on real people?

Cynthia is very loosely based on a boss Angela worked for some years ago, and Pilar is an amalgam of a few people from Wendy’s past.

JS: What are your goals for Groupthink?

World domination, of course. Seriously, the goal is to find the proper platform where we can continue to explore the world of Groupthink full tilt. Meaning locations, characters, and plots that we haven’t been able to explore yet. In other words, $$$$$$$.

JS: Someone behind the series clearly has a background in marketing. Who would that be?

Well, when Wendy was in high school she would participate in focus groups for some extra cash so she got an inside peek into that world. Angela’s background in consulting put her in the periphery of the marketing world for years.

JS: I think this series would be perfect for sponsorship by an actual marketing agency. Have you considered going that route?

That was our first game plan. We actually were championed by several prominent marketers, but at this time we’re getting more response from production houses and networks. Having said that, never say never!

JS: What new ways are LA producers and writers are pitching series for sponsorship? Are they reaching out to agencies, or directly to potential backers?

Anything goes and everybody’s story is different. The trend now seems to be having the partnership with the brand from the beginning. Everything changes so rapidly in this world that what was a sure fire recipe for success six months ago is now obsolete, so it’s really about being open to change and figuring out where opportunities are.

JS: Do most video production teams seem to be focused on web or television, or both?

Again, we can only answer for ourselves, our goal has been to create a show that can live and thrive in both mediums. We think everybody recognizes that there is a shift happening from traditional to new media. The two worlds are morphing, pretty soon there won’t be a division.

JS: Tell us about some of the other web video projects you have been involved with?

Our first experience was as series regulars on the web series, Goodnight Burbank which we shot over 35 episodes of. Angela was also a series regular on Sandeep Parihk’s (The Guild) project The Good Guys, and Wendy appeared on a series called Two Peas In Your Pod, as well as writing and directing a web short called The End.


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