Annette Bening's Reality Show – Kimberly McBride

Kimberly McBride

Kimberly McBride


A FnS favorite woman in comedy and film, Kimberly McBride, has a brand spanking new vid on FOD. A hilarious impersonation of Annette Bening doing The Elephant Woman with commentary footage. Let’s give her funny votes at the end, please.

We asked Kimberly how she came up with this stellar concept for a vid:

The Annette Bening reality show has been in my head for about a month now….
last night I shot it in our apartment here in Portland.
It was all improvised….shot it in 20 minutes…
The paper bag bit kills me!  That came to me while shooting…
it was neat to have the idea in my head for a bit…visualized it and last night I thought, “enough of thinking about it…time to shoot it!”
Kimberly McBride


  1. Thanks FnS!

  2. What a gem!!! I found your blog on Google poking around for something completely different, and now I’m going to need to go back and read the old posts XD Good bye free time today, but this was a great find :D

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