Camille Harris on The Muffin Man

Funny Woman Camille Harris

I wrote Muffin Man when I was singing to my dog a while back, and then it kind of morphed into the song that I have now. I also wrote a musical called Muffin Man and it was just in the New York International Fringe Festival.

Muffin Man is a musical about Lyla, a barista at the Perky Coffee bean, who is in love with the Muffin Man. They are both in high school, but they have drifted apart because of their one year age difference. It’s her first day and she isn’t very good at her job, but her cool older boss and her friends who visit all help her earn the courage to tell him how she feels. She is high school angst at its finest. Everything she says is wrong and her spastic nature doesn’t help anything. Eventually, we find out that he likes her too, and it ends exactly like you would want it too. I wrote the lead Lyla, for my friend Samantha Blain who is an amazing physical comedienne. And I wrote it so that you would say “ah” and laugh and think that the end is cute. That was the whole point of it. I just wanted to make people happy for a little bit.

When I first submitted Muffin Man for FringeNYC, I had no idea that I would be re-writing my show while producing and directing it as well. It took a while for me to get people involved to help out with the producing aspect, (i.e. press, fund-raising, casting, rehearsal space, etc.) so by the time I had help, I had basically done everything already. I don’t think I’ve ever done this much work before (it was even more challenging than writing my thesis in college). Producing Muffin Man was like having an over-time job while still working full time trying to support myself. The initial stages were the most difficult. I didn’t have a clear view of what I needed to accomplish, and it seemed like the dead lines kept flying at me at the speed of light. It was a really fun experience once I got a cast and we started rehearsals (also exhausting – I was still running around putting up posters and postcards in the free hours I had between work and rehearsals every day) and it was extremely validating. If I can produce, write and direct a successful show in the Fringe Festival virtually by myself, what can’t I do?

Camille is playing in The Moon Show.  Starting January 19, The Moon will be at the Royal Oak in Williamsburg the first and third Tuesday of every month at 8:00.


  1. Nice song. Yeah producing theatre is really tough work when you have no money backing you to hire people. Having to wear all the hats can definitely create 60 hour work weeks. I’ve been there 5 times over. But it’s rewarding when the audience comes and laughs.

  2. Yeah. It was really rewarding. I’m proud that I accomplished it, especially because it was the first thing I did after college. I’m glad you like the song! What a cool experience!

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