Famous Baby – Kill The Band

Funny Woman Killy Dwyer

Killer Killy Dwyer

KILL THE BAND is the slightly retarded brain child of Killer Killy Dwyer, a comedic performance artist and badass rockstar who left a lucrative career doing commercials for shit you don’t need, to be an overworked and underpaid (though worshipped like Fonzi) performer in NYC’s underground art scene. Formed in the later half of aught 9, KILL THE BAND consists of Killy, Bamboo Silva (beatbox), Mike Milazzo (guitar) and Joe Yoga (bass) and is set to record their first album in February. You can catch them performing all over the NYC with an east coast tour lined up for early April. If you would like to book Killy or KILL THE BAND in your venue or bathroom, please email Kelly@kellybdwyer.com


  1. Fucking Hilarious!

    Kill the Band is my drug of choice.

    Can’t wait for the album!


  3. James Rose says:

    Oh yeah, rock out! Such originality! New York is getting a lot cooler again because of artists like these. Its just what we need… Dont stop Kill the Band… you are great.

  4. I want more, now … please!

  5. Go Killy! Awesome!!

  6. If Miley does not beat you to it.

  7. Angelica O. says:

    Luv it. I am throwing virtual bras and panties onto your stage right now!!

  8. This song has been stuck in my head since I first watched the video….in a good way! Kudos!

  9. i think this turned out pretty damn good! the jumpsuits look better than they felt…

  10. I’ve visited many websites and I can absolutely say that this one is better than any other. Bookmarked, I added this on Digg, and I added the feed. Thanks!

  11. great post. I am definitely looking forward to reading more articles.

  12. you did a good job. I will come back.


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