It's a Funny not Slutty World After All

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Producers and women in comedy Ruth Selwyn (Tel Aviv), Jane Postlethwaite (Brighton, UK) and Jacki Schklar (Atlanta) discuss making funny videos and interactive content for a female audience. Ruth is creator of the famed Lizzy the Lezzy animations, Jane produces social media content under the guise of StylistBrighton and Jacki is publisher of

Ruth:  Jacki, I have been meaning to ask you, don’t you want to be funny and slutty sometimes?

Jacki:   Excuse me Ruth, but don’t you live in the Holy Land? I did not think you would speak of such things.

Ruth:  Such a typical straight woman, answering a question with a question. I’ll take your obvious evasiveness to mean yes, you would like to be slutty sometimes too. I would too actually, especially if I was tall, blonde and beautiful like Jane – ever thought of showing us your cleavage in a video Jane?

Jane:   It irritates me that women are expected to show their ‘assets’ to be popular. It can be hard to find people with my sense of humor online, that is why I love the work Jacki is doing with her site. All 3 of us have had the same niche of trying to break stereotypes with what we are doing. I’ve worked in the Fashion Industry for many years and my appearance of being a 6 foot blonde makes people perceive me in a certain way. Somehow ‘funny’ is not what they expect from me. 

Jacki:   That is a great point, because actually, all 3 of us embrace our stereotypes and make them our comedic persona.  I could not have been more of a minority growing up Jewish in the Bible Belt of Tennessee. Ergo, “Southern Jewish Princess Media”. I guess we like to beat them to the punch and have fun doing it. 

Ruth:  I don’t mind stereotyping myself or others in the name of comedy, and I find that much of Lizzy’s success with the lesbians is because people can relate to many of the lesbian stereotypes that I talk about, such as the butch/femme thing, or the ‘silly’ questions that lesbians get asked. I also think it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take this whole pussy licking thing too seriously.

Jacki:   What is everyone working on at the moment?

Jane:   I would love to do more comedic collaboration online. In the past I have worked with other youtubers around the world to produce content. The next few months will see me balancing a new job in Social Media, plus I’m looking into professional acting training which will push me and my videos to a new level.

Ruth:  Well, after working my tits off producing my little book “Lizzy the Lezzy Gets Laid”, I’m doing a little less Youtube and I’m working on a pilot script about Lizzy and her quirky friends. Getting a Lizzy series on the television is my next goal – along with making a blow-up Lizzy doll that sings when you squeeze her boobs.  

Jane:   Ruth, What made you start the Lizzy character?

Ruth:  I was bored and depressed after yet another painful break up, and I wanted to produce some lesbian entertainment for the lesbians. I’m an animator by trade, so I googled “lesbian animation” and found nothing. Now that’s a hole I can fill, I said. So I created a miserable, bitter, bitchy lesbian character based on myself (at the time) and the attention I got from it gave me a new, happier focus.

Jane:   I was actually going through a bad time too when I started making videos online. It seems quite common for people to produce the funniest content when they are often in some kind of bad time in their ‘real’ life.

Jacki:   I had been recruited out of my job into a new loftier one and promptly laid off which was both frustrating and inspiring. I was looking for some funny videos to see what is out there but I had to hunt and peck through tons of young male targeted humor to find humor geared for me, a mature female. Masturbation and tits don’t really make me laugh. It takes a lot more than that to entertain a woman in her sexual peak years, and if I want to see big breasts all I need to do is look down.

Ruth:  *looking at Jacki’s breasts*

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    This article may be reproduced and published in whole with the inclusion of “As published on” Producers and women in comedy Ruth Selwyn (Tel Aviv), Jane Postlethwaite (Brighton, UK) and Jacki Schklar (Atlanta) discuss making funny…

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