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Female Comedian Molly Knefel

Molly Knefel


My brother and I started John and Molly Get Along last summer, but it was basically 23 years in the making (me being 23 years old).  He and I have both done improv, sketch, and stand-up for years, but we decided to collaborate since making fun of each other was what usually made us laugh the hardest.  We teamed up with our friend Jesse Ruuttila, who is a video editor, and between the three of us we write, film, and edit each new episode and premere them at our monthly show (also called John and Molly Get Along, the last Wendesday of each month at LPR in the Village).

One important part of the series for us is that we feature local comedians in each episode.  Our most recent episode, The Airport, features an actress named Katharine Heller. She is a funny-lady-role-model to me.  Since we have no budget, our shoots are always kind of janky– to get our tracking shots of Katharine, John and I had to push Jesse on a bicycle.  And we bribe our friends with beer or sandwhiches when we need extras or production help.

Keep watching John and Molly Get Along for awesome stories featuring the city’s best performers and hapless adventures of a brother and sister.  Watch the episodes at and watch Molly’s stand-up at


  1. I will definitely keep watching

  2. That Molly is mega talented. See their show!!!

  3. Molly is my favorite female half of a brother-sister comedy duo EVER!!! plus their videos & their show are don’t-miss!

  4. These guys rock! They are so funny! See them whenever possible! :)

  5. LOL! This was hilarious! Great work!

  6. Episode 2 is one of my favorite things on the entire internet right now. And the world wide web is HUGE. So that’s saying something.
    LOVE the videos.

  7. This site is impressive I am gonna put this in my bookmarks before I misplace the link I don’t believe I’ll ever make it back otherwise :)

  8. Great to view you back again. And again with an interesting posting.

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