Everybody Hates Period Jokes – Julia Bruce

Yeah, like we would pass this one up..

 Comedian Julia Bruce performs stand-up, sketch, and improv in Toronto Canada. She is a member of the sketch groups Girls Gone Funny and Not Without My Arm and the improv group Raptor Vs. Fox. She can be seen performing stand-up all across Canada.




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  3. 23 years as a standup and proudly never did a period joke in either NY, LA or in any other state or country I performed in. Why? Because you’re not taken seriously as a comic, audiences DO hate those jokes and you can’t get on network TV with lowbrow humor. It’s the female equivalent to fart jokes for men.

    Women PLEASE raise your standards. You’re making all the hard work we who proceeded you did disappear in a flash of uncreativity. You will undoubtedly hear this more than once in your career: “Women arent funny.”

    I’ve worked my ass off to hear the opposite. Please join me.

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