Laughing Skull Kicks It all the Way Off – Jacki Schklar


Laughing Skull Comedy Festival Kick-Off at Clermont Lounge

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival participants let loose on The Clermont Lounge last night for their official Kick-Off Party. For those who do not know, as I didn’t, The Clermont is a dive bar with the reputation for being “the place where strippers go to die”. There were limitations on what I could shoot in the club because of house rules. And well, because some things are better left to your imagination. 

Mia Jackson and Josh Harris

Mia Jackson and Josh Harris

I asked Mia Jackson (Atlanta) what she thought of the party locale. “Interesting place to be networking, around old titties and breasteses. I’m used to a breast free environment. My asthma is acting up with all the smoke, and I think old lopsided breasts must be an allergen.”

Tanyalee Davis (Las Vegas) and Dan Mengini (Atlanta)

Tanyalee Davis (Las Vegas) and Dan Mengini (Atlanta)

International comedy sensation Tanyalee Davis (Las Vegas) is in town to support her friends in the competition. She is photographed here with her long time friend Dan Mengini (Atlanta).  They see each other at road gigs and Dan likes it because he can walk into a restaurant with her and say, “Party of one and a half.” 

Danielle Stewart, Abbey Sibncao and Josh Lieberman

Danielle Stewart, Abbey Sibncao and Josh Lieberman

Danielle Stewart (LA), “We were told that as the Statue of Liberty is to NYC, The Clermont is to Atlanta. It’s a sight for sure.” 

Thai Rivera (LA) and Trey Toler (Atlanta)

Thai Rivera (LA) and Trey Toler (Atlanta)

I caught Thai Rivera and Trey Toler (Laughing Skull Lounge Marketing Coordinator) getting ready to mug for the camera. Trey tells me about his friend, “Thai is one of my favourites. His material is unique yet universal.” 

Josh "Top Doggg" Gondelman, Jason Marcus, Steve Hofsetter and Carrie McKinney

Josh "Top Doggg" Gondelman, Jason Marcus, Steve Hofstetter and Carrie McKinney

Steve Hofstetter (Assistant Director of LSCF) and company pose with the “No Cameras” sign. Steve thought it was funny that cameras are not permitted because, “Why would we show these pictures to anyone?” 

Hofstetter started the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival with Executive Director, Marshall Chiles. They “had discussed an Atlanta festival for some time, and then finally sat down and started it. Since we are both comics, we can do this right and make it rewarding.” What brought about this Kick-Off  Party? “Nothing is funnier than the Clermont.” 

The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival  is through March 7th at Vortex Comedy and additional venues around Atlanta. Visit for details. 

Jacki Schklar is a Video and Interactive Content Producer residing in Atlanta, GA. She publishes a website featuring funny female writers, producers and comedians called Funny not Slutty Original Productions have been featured by Funny or Die, Best Viral, and Internet Video Magazine. 



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