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What Funny not Slutty could be more deserving of acknowledgement than our very own U.S. Army Soldier Medic blogger? Iraqi Jackie has been on living it up in the States on leave this week, and she travels back to her deployment in Iraq today. Let’s post some words of encouragement and thanks for serving overseas and sharing her experiences with us!

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Medics Fixin Shit by Iraqi Jackie


The day’s task was to wash the FLAs. Nevermind that we are in IRAQ and it’s filthy and dusty every day, those damn field ambulances needed a bath! So down to the motorpool we went!
The first awesome thing that happened: we learned the emergency brake does not stop the vehicle from rolling backwards while parked on an incline. Good thing to know. The second awesome thing that happened: there isn’t a proper wash rack. It’s a tiny pressure washer that looks older than dirt in the Bible. Of course the pressure washer hose has a hole in it. Discovered the hard way. There was water spraying everywhere. At the same time, as if it was fate, a HemCon bandage blew by. I don’t know why a piece of accountable medical equipment was blowing around in the motorpool, but it was, so we snatched it up. Those bandages boast the ability to stop even the most severe arterial bleeding.
Can you see where I’m going with this?
Medics being medics, my lovely assistant SPC George, fixed the pressure washer hose:

It actually was a good bandage. For about 1 minute. And then it started spraying water everywhere again. We continued to use the pressure washer anyway. Those FLAs needed to be clean. It’s mission essential to have a clean FLA that is painted tan in the first place.
I guess it’s a good thing the heart doesn’t pump blood through our veins as powerfully as a pressure washer puts out water through the hose. This product would have never made it past the brain storming stages if that were the case… and my job as a medic would be horrifc, too.


  1. Always impressed by people who serve. I wish you safety and courage for you and all the people you work with.

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