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P.L. Frederick can do it all, big and small.  Her blog entries on the FnS community are some of our most viewed.

Writing Humor One Edit At A Time
by P.L. Frederick

Writing well is a learning process. And when it’s about humor, it’s a fun learning process. For readers out there who are curious about the editing part of the process I’ve been using (hi Mom!) here you go…

1. Think stuff up. Write stuff down. Ignore quality.

2. Let them sit overnight or overweek. Don’t think about them. Stop it.

3. Re-read. Toss the yuck but keep what gives you yuck-yucks. For better comedic impact, shorten the keepers to the least number of words.

4. Read them aloud to someone else. Choose a person who won’t laugh out of politeness but who is capable of laughter.

5. Cry.

6. Mope. Complain that people don’t get your work.

7. Resolve to improve. Keep the ones that got a laugh. If you get no laughs, keep those that prompted the best facial expression or the least rude remark. Maybe the dog wagged her tail at one. Take that. Some of your favorites didn’t make the cut. They’re keepers. (Ask your victim, uh, listener, why they don’t agree with your faves. Never assume. When you hear, “It’s just not funny” ask why. Is it the concept, wording, or impeding thoughts of an upcoming surgical procedure?) Throw out the rest. Ouch.

8. Shorten the keepers more. Use better words.

9. Repeat steps 4–8 until listener’s eyes glaze over.

10. You’re done. Send ’em off.

11. Notice 52 imperfections you could fix if you hadn’t sent them off already, you nut.


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