Funny not Slutty Interview – Robyn Schall


Kim Kardashian meets Fran Drescher meets Lucille Ball…It’s Robyn Schall in Not The Sharpest Crayon. Robyn took a moment to let us know a little more about her life and her funny new series.

I have a feeling that the description of your character is a little autobiographical. What are the similarities, and the differences between you and your NTSC character?

Yes, the character “Robyn Schall” and “the real Robyn Schall” have a lot in common.  When I first started doing stand up, from day one, I wasn’t one to be able to tell jokes. So I got up there and told stories about the crazy situations I get myself into with jobs or boys or family. It worked.  As time went on, I found myself doing an exaggerated character of myself on stage and it added to the “funny.”  Everything about the character are all traits I have, just times 10.  The biggest thing we have in common is that whatever crazy situation is put infront of us we roll with it because anything awkward will always be funny the next day!  The biggest difference is I’m not THAT clueless… well at least not most of the time.

Your brother, Richard Schall, who works with you on the series was in game show casting? What is it like to work with your brother producing adult comedy content?

It was actually great.  My brother is like my gay best friend.  Although he and his girlfriend claim he is not gay.  There were times he was a bit uncomfortable with an outfit or two of mine but he is so professional that when I say something has to be done a certain way for the comedy sake, he puts aside “big brother mode” and supports whatever needs to be done for the joke to be funny.  He is extreamly talented.  Also, he and my entire family have seen my act on stage several times so they know my type of humor, he knew what he was in for.

What audience is NTSC targeted toward? What are your goals for the series?

Everyone!!  Gays, Blacks and Jews are my favorites to have at comedy show because they are the best laughers and it seems to prove true for the web-series too.  Also, all women who love shows like the “Nanny” of “I love Lucy” and shows like that will love this type of humor. My goal right now is for people to watch the show and really enjoy it.  I LOVE making people laugh and I would love someone to invest so our next season can be bigger and better!

You have impressive comedy clubs on your resume. Did you start with the “big boys” or had you worked your way up from smaller clubs?

A little over a year ago, before I ever tried stand up I took a Standup Comedy class with Linda Smith at Carolines on Broadway and it changed my career.  I’ve had to work my way up and am still working my way up but I have been very very lucky.  It has been going great.

Funniest Home Videos is on your resume. Were you on the crew, or featured on the show?

I was actually on the show!  My bother knocked a glass door on my head and Bob Saget did a voice over and everything.  We didn’t win but it was my first time being on t.v.!!

How did you find Funny not Slutty?

I saw a lot of really funny female comedians that all had your site in common on facebook.  I really love it because Funny really is soooo much greater then Slutty.


  1. Oh, she had me laughing OUT LOUD.

    Very most excellent.


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