Interview – Laura McBryde from the West Coast. Not THAT West Coast.

Laura McBryde

My, we get some fun submissions from time to time! Laura McBryde wrote saying she LOVES FnS, and asked if we would feature her. I took a look at her videos and for a second I thought, well, her timing is a bit different. And she talks a little funny….OH! OK! She is from the UK. That explains¬†alot. But according to her videos, she had hayfever and chemical sensitivities – just like me. See, we’re not so different after all!

What area of the UK are you from/in, and how do you describe it?
I’m from Scotland. I’m in the west coast, where it gets very rainy and very windy. In a town where I’ve heard people say about it, “I’m not going there I’ll get robbed.” But on the upside, in Summer when there are no clouds you can see a million stars cause there is practically no light pollution.

You seem to have a lot of projects going on with your blogs, modeling, videos…what are you focusing on now?
My focus changes week by week, not for any particular reason, I just have a short attention span. I filmed at the end of last week and will be editing and posting to youtube later this week, so watch out for that!

Why do you make funny videos?
Excellent question! I don’t know. (not so excellent answer, I know) I’ve been writing, filming and making funny videos since I was about 10yrs old. I don’t dare look back at those videos though. I’ll watch the ones from after I got pretty, videos before that will make me run out house screaming. And people in the streets will be saying, “what’s wrong with her? did she just watch a video of herself looking like a little weirdo or something?”

What influences you? Do you watch more UK, or more US content?
In terms of current comedy I have been watching more US content, simply because the UK doesn’t seem to want to fund or produce new comedies. I love the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, but I do have to use illegal means to watch them online….oops…did I just admit to illegal activities?? Anyway….in terms of other influences, I love love love Chinese tv shows (I speak Mandarin. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands).

How do you feel about media produced in the US? Your opinion would be interesting to our mostly US viewers.
It depends what kind of media. I much prefer US news to UK news, you guys know how to make it entertaining to watch! In regards to tv, I love the wide variety of shows coming from the US. Though I sort of wish that it wasn’t so inhibited, in a way, it seems there are a lot of things you can’t say on tv over there without a lot of backlash. For instance, certain things about God or religion or even just swearing. Over here swearing on a primetime sitcom in front of a live studio audience is common (watch “Bottom”! hehe), I find it hard to imagine tuning into “Everybody loves Raymond” and hearing a string of swear words followed by Marie chainsawing Raymond’s legs off. But we can always dream….

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