Infamous AXE Clean Your Balls Campaign – Scout Durwood Interview

Scout Durwood AXE Clean Your Balls Campaign

Scout Durwood is known as our friend Doctor Princess Lady Scoutington, Stalker of Penelope Cruz, former Miss America contestant, and The Lesbian Grinch. But wait, that’s not all. Scout is a prominent research professional for AXE Detailer in the infamous AXE Clean Your Balls marketing campaign. Scout stars in various episodes of this ballbreaking landbreaking ad campaign for one of the world’s largest soap manufacturers in the world, Unilever.

11 Million plus viewings of the AXE Clean Your Balls campaign vids. They won bigger advertising accolades than even the Old Spice campaign. Has AXE rewarded you well?

Well, as a downtown comedian/performance artist, my penny jar is just overflowing with pennies to begin with, so I hardly noticed the monetary compensation, but I am just swimming in loofa’s… er, AXE Detailers, and I have to say, the switch has really helped me get in touch with my love of men’s cleaning products, so, yes, I’m sittin’ pretty.  

How did you land the AXE campaign?

Through an audition. I showed up, talked about balls, and two calls later I was in a soundstage… talking about balls.  

This was an international campaign. Are you getting recognized everywhere you go?

Duh, obvi. Where can’t I get a dinner reservation… as long as someone else is willing to pick up the check. Though, I will say, these days I’m bedazzled more often than not, so people don’t always recognize me with my real hair and eyelashes. Still, it’s difficult to travel the world unnoticed when you are an international star, even if you are disguised as a peasant. 

You have many different acts and seem to have an open invitation to all the underground comedy rooms. How do you decide what to perform and where on any given night?

Great question. Having so many tricks in my treasure chest has been the best and worst thing about my career so far. Honestly, I never know what I’m getting booked to do and have to check in with whomever books me before the show to get a feeling for what they want. I’m trying to do some streamlining, but it’s always a challenge. That said, it keeps me on my toes, so I can’t complain. It also keeps my apartment a mess, for the record.  

You seem to genuinely love performing on stage. Is this accurate, or is it all an act?

Anyone I’ve ever dated can attest: it’s real. I’ve skipped everything from anniversaries to Christmas to be onstage. Sorry, guys. 

You are a brilliant and accomplished writer/humorist. Do you feel this sometimes gets overshadowed by your glamorous guises and various stages of undress in shows?

My manager has spearheaded a movement to try to get me to keep my clothes on, for sure, and I’m just starting to listen to her. The burlesque world has taught me so much about the range of all that humor has to offer, but as I continue on my steady march above 14th street, I’m toning it down. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever have a closet that doesn’t contain at least one seashell bra. I’m actually embarking on a major writing project at the moment, which may be the ideal melding of both worlds. I can still work in the buff, but the audience won’t be distracted by it. 

Your dream girl, Penelope Cruz, is now married. I’m sure this was a real blow for you. Are you finding the will to move on

Never! Vicky Christina Barcelona for life! 

If you were not starring in one of the world’s largest viral video campaigns and performing in the hottest clubs in NYC, where would you be?

Once upon a time, I was a legit actor interested in stage and screen stuff and less into stand-up and cabaret. I think I’d be there, and maybe I’ll make a move to go back someday anyway. At the moment, however, I’m sticking to my mantra of “bedazzle and be beautiful. Glitter and be gay.”

You can find Scout performing in various live shows in NYC and abroad, producing shorts and starring in independent film. Keep up with upcoming show times online:
See her next Saturday, May 14th in Bottoms Up! The Ultimate Van Halen Experience
Mondays at 10pm Hosting Takin’ off the Ritz featuring NYC’s hottest and most sparkly burlesque and variety acts
June 4 Hosting the monthly serial who-dun-it burlesque murder mystery Glitterati
May 15 Alter Ego – Vaudeville Surreal


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