Cue Black Girls – Zollar and Threatte

cue black girls


Walk right when you done wrong from Cue Black Girls on Vimeo.

We know you done did it. We saw you in them handcuffs, so don’t even try to throw a jacket over your fool head as a disguise- child PLEASE! Who do you think you are fooling? Nobody. (but you might if you try these techniques)

Cue Black Girls (Keisha Zollar and Renee Threatte) – well you can blame Anne Hathaway for that one. And let me just establish it’s “Cue” not “Cute”…this isn’t porn, my mom watches the show. Anyway back to Anne Hathaway- I heart her. I have watched every single good (“Brokeback Mountain”, “Rachel Getting Married”) and crappy (ahem- “Bride Wars”) movie that she has been in. So when “Love and Other Drugs” came out I bought my ticket and plunked down to watch “Princess Diaries” have lots of sex with the “Donnie Darko”. Terrible. Just….terrible. Cliches all over the place from her dying, to the token minority sidekick coffee shop worker, and lame brother of the male lead with all the usual fat hatred jokes plugged into the necessary spots. But the cherry on top were the tender moments- where they added a track with some black lady wailing in the background like she had just caught the spirit at church. Oh lawd. It was like every time they wanted to highlight a scene as especially poignant they would just fire up the vocals that sister-friend had laid down. “Zoom in on her face- and cue black girl singing”

And this happens all the time in movies; heaven forbid you actually cast to celebrate the diverse landscape of people in America. But when you need some dignity? Stick a gospel choir in the scene- that’s always a tear jerker! That’s where CBG came from- it’s my attempt to create content, that is fun, positive, and diverse. Want to make a great film? Cue these Black Girls. Thanks for watching- Renee

It’s the 10th episode! The inspiration for Cue Black Girls came from the Kim Coles grow out challenge on Naturally Curly and CurlyNikki. Sponsored by Jessicurl, it encourages women to embrace their curls and grow big, healthy, natural hair and blog about it. I tried making a video about my hairstory and it ended up being so silly, my blog evolved to my comedic musings instead. 2 months, 70 something tweets, and 30 posts later my hair and Cue Black Girls is growing. This episode is a valentine to the community of curls!

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