The Louise Log – How to Flirt

Louise has had it with her sister’s animal magnetism. She is trying to produce her new web series with an award winning producer, but her sister, Ava, keeps getting in the way.

If you have not read our interview with Anne Flournoy, series creator, see it here. And our second interview is about how the subject of Anne’s webseries, Louise, is now producing HER own webseries.

See the complete series at and learn more about Anne at


  1. Oh, I love Anne Flournoy AND The Louise Log.

    I laugh out loud.

    The kids are asleep, and I put my hand over my mouth and laugh.

    But, it’s so deliciously funny and clever and smart and subtle and sophisticated.

    I feel like a grown up when I watch this webseries.

    A very classy grown up.

  2. Thank you Alexandra! You’re the viewer of my dreams.

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