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Tig Notaro is most well-known as “Officer Tig” on Comedy Central’s THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM. In previous years, Tig played “Rhoda” on the ABC sitcom IN THE MOTHERHOOD (with Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines), “Leigh-Roy” on Comedy Central’s critically acclaimed DOG BITES MAN (with Zach Galifianakis), and had her own half-hour special, COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS TIG. She has also performed on NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING, ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, NBC’s LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY, ABC’s COMICS UNLEASED and Comedy Central’s PREMIUM BLEND.

Tig’s debut album “Good One” is available at iTunes and Amazon (there is a free sample track I recommend on that link) and you can also go to www.tignotaro.com for more Tig stuff. See Tig perform at The Caledonia Lounge this Thursday, August 25, in Athens, GA. You can listen to episodes of Tig’s podcast Professor Blastoff and follow Professor Blastoff on twitter.

Your CD Good One, which is hilarious, debuted at #2 in the US and #1 in Canada. And you were immediately #4 on iTunes Comedy top 10. Can you believe it?

i really can’t. and to celebrate, i went mansion shopping immediately.

You used to be a music/concert promoter, and have done some singing on Funny or Die. Can we expect any Tig music CDs anytime soon?

well, i’ve heard a rumor that taylor dayne would like to work with me someday, so ideally, we’ll be doing a duet album together.

You are often in lineups or podcasts where you are the only female. What’s that like?

i don’t even notice until someone points it out, really. probably the most obvious difference is when i’m recording a podcast and the recording studio doesn’t have A/C, the smell in the room is pretty hard to take with all those grown men sweating like hogs. very different than if there were 4 women sweating in a room. i’m guessing.

What’s the craziest thing you have seen comedians do on a tour or production?

go to bed at a reasonable hour after thoroughly brushing and flossing their teeth. that’s usually me, by the way.

Is there anyone you have not worked with that you are hoping to encounter on a project?

gentle ben.

On your CD Good One, you mention an unrequited love for Taylor Dayne. Has she reached out after your release became popular, to thank you for bringing back her career?

well, as i mentioned earlier, her agent called my manager and said taylor heard i was telling this story about her, but that she’s a fan and would love to work with me some day. that might have changed, who knows. but, i honestly see it as she’s bringing my career back as much as i’m bringing hers back. we’re accidentally lifting each other up.

i was in a bar in nyc and “tell it to my heart” came on the jukebox. i turned around to point it out to my friend that taylor daynes song was playing, and there was this young bearded hipster dude standing next to the jukebox saying, “yeah, i played that for you.”

Is there ever a time when humor is not appropriate?

in comedy.

www.tignotaro.com ~ Follow Tig on Facebook


  1. This woman has the most perfect timing when she delivers her punch lines.

    I watch her over and over…and try to get it like that. Just down pat like that.

    She really is something very, very special.

    I will always love, no matter how many times I click over , to “itty bitty titties.”

  2. Totally agree with Alexandra. Her comedic timing is spot on. I would love to look that poised AND relaxed at the same time. Hilarious.

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