Kablooey’s Annual Halloween Guide Part I

An Illustration of How Costume Companies Devise Their Ideas:




People Who Love Halloween: 


halloween mask

He said he liked Halloween because he felt normal that day. Also, it got him out of the house so he didn’t have to hang out with Cher.









1.   Rocky Dennis from “Mask”

2.   Hershey executives

3.    Jennie Craig

4.    Linus    

5.    Pumpkin farmers


And Those Who Hate It:


taco dog costume

“Kill me now. I beg you.”










1.    Pets in costumes

2.   Kids whose parents force them to wear winter coats over their costumes

3.   The Pope, even though he has an excellent costume




K A B L O O E Y is a 47 year old non-practicing filmmaker who lives with Phineas at an undisclosed suburban location. Their three kids are Moochie (6), Lonzie (20) and The Big Puppy (22). She (who am I kidding, I’m writing this myself) tweets @kblooey and has two goals: 1) To make creative work a central part of my life, and 2) To keep my family from needing the services of the Supernanny.


  1. You had me at Cher.

  2. hahaha.
    “Mask” huh? You had to go there? *shaking my head*

    I would add to the “people who hate Halloween” list 1) kids whose parents dress them in fluffy ducky costumes after they are old enough to walk on their own (not that I’ve EVER done this – 3yrs running) and, 2) kids whose parents are broke and make one of them wear the ducky (or Nemo) costume every single year until they can no longer be crammed into it with Crisco and duct tape.

  3. cher.

    AnyTIME ANYtime we can joke about Cher, I love it.

    More Cher, please?

    (did you hear me??)

    I’m pretty serious.


  4. Whoa Nellie! I was worried when I saw “zombie.” I can`t handle any bad talking about zombies. Tee hee. You done good and funny.

  5. @ Suniverse and Alexandra: OK: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves — a great group costume. And Empress? I’ll start thinking on the Cher post, but my favorite Cher thing is probably Jack’s impression/worship on Will and Grace.
    @ Chunky Mama: HA! right back at you. What’s cuter than a little kid in a ducky costume? I loved Moochie’s first costume, the only one I got to pick out. It was a lobster. She haaaaaated it, probably because it didn’t have legs. (But what kind of sucky lobster costume has legs?)
    @Quirky: I’m basically standing up for zombies. I don’t like the cavalier “just slap together a slutty zombie postal worker costume — that’ll sell” attitude of these costume makers. I wouldn’t dream of insulting Zombies, not if I want you to keep reading. So what are you dressing as — a sexy DDP can? (It’s a joke. No zombies or DDP cans were harmed in the writing of this reply…

  6. Oh my god….my mother was so the winter coat over my Halloween costume mom. It was a total buzzkill. My slutty [insert noun] costumes of my 20s was a direct rebellion to this.

  7. LOL! I love it!

    Living in Colorado….I’ve worn my winter coat AND a hat AND gloves over my costume.

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