10 Women Who Rock Comedy

Have no fear, there are no ukuleles here. This is a collection of my favorite funny female singers who happen to actually rock. I thought it would be a good way to end the year at FnS.

I want to thank all of our columnists and contributors and everyone has helped to make FnS a geat place to go for comedy by women. You have kept me laughing all year. Watch for the “Year of FnS” for our top 20 list of most viewed posts that I’ll publish sometime on the 1st.

Happy New Year!
Jacki Schklar

Margaret Cho

Kate Rigg – Slanty Eyed Mama

 Killy Dwyer – Kill The Band

Jessica Delfino


Shayna Ferm and Carolyn Castiglia

 Lady Scoutington

 Penny Pollak – The BTK Band

Camille Harris

Freddi Scheib


  1. Yeah, it’s really too bad I only graduated with honors from a lowly university called NYU. I mean, imagine the kind of comedy I could write if I had accepted my early admittance to the University of Chicago’s Economics program! If only I had been Valedictorian of my high school class (oh wait, I was)! And just think of all those years of gifted summer programs wasted!

    Just because last year in a fit of anger over being constantly pigeonholed into the “sexy, but dumb” bit parts in my male-dominated comedy groups, I decided to write a rap parody that not only brought to light feminist issues but also made fun of the rap form itself (which is based upon absurd bravado), doesn’t mean that I’m dumb. Yeah, I told Christopher Hitchens to suck a dick, but if you can’t tell someone to suck a dick in a rap video, then what’s the point? I think part of being broadly appealing is not acting like you are too smart for everyone all the time. It’s okay to just have a bit of fun, especially when that bit of fun is at your own expense.

  2. Freddi,
    I loved the rap video, but I went to an SEC school so my opinion doesn’t matter a whole lot. Please do NOT tell Anne Della Guardia that I did a PSA video on the dangers of Vaginitis, and then posted it on my blog. She would be so upset.

  3. Kevin Ball says:

    Why not a rap about you trying to be funny but failing miserably in a funny way? Then you’d be playing within the stereotype to disprove the stereotype. A rap about self-empowerment doesn’t really play.

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