Revenge italianoThis summer a theater reviewer wrote in in the Boston Globe,  “Lucia Brizzi struggles with how passionate Italian women act.” So I made a video where I knock her off.  Then my boyfriend/ director turned out to be, how do I say this, a pussy, so I knocked him off. And so Revenge Italiano was born!

Set at my family’s restaurant in historic Borem Hill, I’ve created my own brand of slapstick, silent film era videography, pulling stylistically from ‘Raging Bull,’ celebrating New York, and allowing me to wear funny things and yell out of windows.

A lot of people ask me who Mike Toro, the mafia don of the series, is to my character. I describe him as a father/ husband and revel in the discomfort created by that confusion. After all, in the 1920’s who could tell the difference?

This series deals with my response to pain. My alter ego kills people, I make comedy out of it. Changing the narrative of my life. And really pissing off my ex boyfriend : ) 

- Lucia Brizzi


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