Casey Anthony’s Latest Video Diary Update


Catch the latest video diary from Casey Anthony and meet her dog! And while you are at it, please give her a funny vote.

OK, ok, it is not REALLY Casey Anthony. It’s Giulia Rozzi! Giulia also has a great message board reinactment project, and here is one of my favorites from it:

I’m a comedian, writer and actress. I like making fun of people who are jerks (including myself). When I was 10 I ate an entire pizza, to this day it is still one of my greatest accomplishments. I’m looking forward to when I graduate from emotional high school. I don’t like cats unless they are in adorable YouTube videos. Long story short, I’m a nice person and I hope you like me. – Giulia Rozzi


  1. The Casey Anthony video is hysterical! It’s a complete oversight that I didn’t leave a comment stating so when I first saw this. Frighteningly spot on.

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