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Mobile Mommy OfficeWork-at-home moms.

I know there are a lot of us. And I’m always reaching out to others asking for A Clue as to how to make time for the Trying to Make a Career Out of This Writing Thing while still making time for Buttercup. I’ll admit I’ve sat her down in front of the TV for day-long PBS Kids and Nick Jr. marathons more often than I’d like to think, and yeah sure it’s educational, but still….

There’s gotta be an easier way, right? A way that doesn’t involve hiring a baby sitter with money I’m not yet making to come over and play with my daughter while I stare at my laptop for hours and allows for the best of both worlds where I get to be The Involved Mommy and she gets to Exercise Her Creativity?

But how the hell…?

Fret not, my friends. Because this is where the recipe for The Mobile Mommy Office comes in….


  • 1 laptop with full battery
  • 1 internet connection (preferably yours)
  • 1 vehicle, parked in driveway or in front of home
  • 1 (or more) child eager to get in the driver’s seat
  • 1 set of car keys (real)
  • 1 set of car keys (not real)


  • 1. Take child (or children) to the potty. Make sure hey/she/they actually pee.
  • 2. I don’t care if you don’t have to go potty. Your turn now. See? And you said you didn’t have to pee. You’re welcome.
  • 3. Take keys, both real and fake, and give one set to the child(ren).
  • 4. Look down at the set of keys in your hands and realize now would be a good time to get the real set back from the kid(s).
  • 5. Gently and securely pick up the fully charged laptop.
  • 6. With one arm cradling the laptop to your body, open the front door of your home with your free hand.
  • 7. If your vehicle has a fancy key fob that allows for locking and unlocking, now’s a good time to unlock the doors. If not, you get to do that manually while the rest of us move on to step #8.
  • 8. Make a really big deal out of letting your child(ren) pretend to be you (or daddy) for a little while as you make your way to the vehicle! Make! Sure! To! Sound! Really! Excited!
  • 9. Open the driver’s door and assist the child into the seat. If you have more than one child, hand the other one the map you never use as open the passenger door. Tell him (or her) that they can switch places when the passenger gets the driver lost.
  • 10. Climb into the back seat, kick back, and get to work, making sure to pay enough attention to your kid(s) to call him/her/them mommy (or daddy) every now and then and ask if you’re there yet.


Try substituting the laptop for the overdue bills, a calculator, and a checkbook. The final product (One Less Thing to Do) essentially tastes the same.


Pauline M. Campos Pauline M. Campos is wife to The Husband, mother to “Buttercup,” and has decided that it’s time to make peace with her cellulite.

She got started in newspapers and served as city editor for a few local papers before hitting the big time at The Detroit News and freelancing for the Metro-Detroit based Metro Parent Magazine before taking a break after baby. She’s a featured blogger at and contributes to the hilarious Oh right, and her own blog? That’s You’re welcome.

She’s also pretty sure God made her lactose intolerant because she refused to stop chewing her ice cream.


  1. AAAH! I screamed when I saw you here..YAY for you and this is a perfect fit here: relevant, relatable, and never on a pedestal.


    • Alexandra! Thank you! I decided to go for it. This almost went live on my own blog, but then I remembered that branching out thing. Also? I may write my next book in the backseat of my truck.

  2. OMGosh, where were you with this plan when my kids were little?
    LOVE this and kudo’s on the feature xxx

  3. Pauline, you are a hoot as always. I love your creative idea for being able to work while entertaining your child. Brilliant!

    Thanks so much!



  4. I really can’t take credit for this one. The 4-yr old invented the game and one day I smarted up and brought the laptop with me. And? Duh. I mean…voila.

  5. This is advice I am passing on to all my friends with younger kids. Darn, wish I had thought of it too. :)

  6. You. Are. A. Genius. *bows down then grabs todlette and laptop and makes a mad dash to the car*

  7. Just remember it doesn’t work anymore when they are teens, who knows where you’ll end up! Remember to buckle up… Love your sense of humor, Babe!

    • Yeah, I admit I may have set myself up for some teen angst down the road, but if she wants to go out for a drive with her friends later, they just have to deal with the crazy lady typing away on her laptop on the backseat.

  8. Great idea!! My kids had those pretend laptops, so they would pretend to “do work like Mommy,” when I was up against a big deadline. I had a clipboard of “important papers” for them, a notebook, and a binder full of worksheets. They would shuffle through, talk on their pretend phones, and scribble. It was so cute! :)

  9. Classic! I love this idea. It almost felt like you were writing directly from my own thoughts about working from home and hiring a sitter. HAHAHAHA – I feel a little less alone after reading this.

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