K A B L O O E Y’s Dope of the Day – Unknown

dope of the dayIt’s hard to tell who The Dope of the Day is here. Is it the copy editor, the ad agency or the company which signed off on the stupid ad? Or is it the student who read the thing and thought “These are the perfect people to guide me to the future of my dreams”? Or is it me, for obsessing about an internet sidebar ad instead of… I don’t know… working?

Then again, should you want to “Pursue a Career in SOCIAL WORKER,” you’ve clearly found your path.




K A B L O O E Y is a 47 year old non-practicing filmmaker who lives with Phineas at an undisclosed suburban location. Their three kids are Moochie (6), Lonzie (20) and The Big Puppy (22). She (who am I kidding, I’m writing this myself) tweets @kblooey and has two goals: 1) To make creative work a central part of my life, and 2) To keep my family from needing the services of the Supernanny.


  1. Bad ad copy makes my head explode. It’s like they’re TRYING to be assholes, and succeeding, and yet I still want to punch whoever was responsible.

  2. I know it’s a “first world problem” as the pundits say, but badvertising is like a mosquito bite that drives you insane. Sure, it’s better than having gangrene, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make you want to climb out of your own skin.

  3. Don’t you ever wonder how these things get through?


    And once more, HOW?

    You crack me up, Kablooey.

    I love this kind of stuff.


  1. [...] thing, even though you knew it wasn’t important? I wrote one up one of these annoyances as a “Dope of the Day” post for my Funny not Slutty* gig. (I hope your pet peeve isn’t 40-something writers who use [...]

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