80’s Babies by Traci Foust

Think the most righteous things from the 80’s are like totally gone forever? That’s bogus! Maybe the best parts of the decade that brought us Jenga and Finesse Shampoo are alive and well in the DNA of these 80’s babies.


Traci Foust

Traci Foust is the Author of the newly released book Nowhere Near Normal- a Memoir of OCD (Simon and Schuster/Gallery) acclaimed by National Public Radio, the San Diego Union Tribune and Marie Claire. Her work has appeared in several journals including The Nervous Breakdown and the Southern Review. She is currently working on her second book We’re Taking you to a Place Where you can Get Some Rest, A cautionary collection of essays on mixing Vicodin with Vodka and why dating your psychiatrist isn’t always the best way to get your own prescription pad.


  1. I KNEW there was something weird about the Olsen twins

    I love this – are you a scientist?

  2. Traci, you know what really funny is?

    Being able to make teen boys laugh.

    Which is what you just did to my 16 and 15 year olds just now.


  3. this? brilliant. just fucking brilliant.

  4. Jenn Dodd says:

    OMG– This is genius.

  5. Wow. Macaulay Culkin. My daughter said he wasn’t going well. Now I see why. And you really had me going with Pat Benetar and Chuckie. For a moment I could see it.

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