80’s Family Sitcoms: A Hierarchy


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  1. I love this and have so many I could add to the list–and argue with your hierarchy, but we’ll let that one go…

    What I do remember is finally being able to stay up long enough to watch the “real” TGIF programming. “The Simpsons” weren’t big on my list, but “Who’s the Boss” and “Mr. Belvedere” were up there (what’s up with men cleaning? We need to bring that back.) “Growing Pains,” “The Cosby Show,” “My Two Dads”…the list is endless.

  2. Webster had full blown creepy factor….almost as much as Small Wonder…ever see that scary sitcom about the average girl robot that lived in a cupboard?

  3. @ Abby: I absolutely should have included The Cosby Show; that’s an omission. I was going to say it would be tied with Roseanne, but I’m going to demote Roseanne to third because of her acting. So even though I’d rather watch Roseanne, she’s gonna be #3 and Cosby #2. There are so many to pick from, but Mr. Belvedere and My Two Dads would definitely be in that bottom group (my opinion of course). And that ‘men cleaning’ trope is old — ever see Family Affair? Mr. French? Mrs. Beasely?

    @Kimberly: Webster was certainly creepy, although Emmanuel Lewis was cute. I seem to have blocked out Small Wonder to the extent that when I looked it up, I only get a vague memory of its existence. It ran for 4(!) years, but I don’t think I ever saw it.

    • I agree on the bottom grouping and have never seen Family Affair, Mr French or Mrs Beasely (born in 1981.) I just had to add that Small Wonder was by far the creepiest show ever. Good lord, they were reaching with that one.

  4. Megan Lent says:

    Strongly prefer Wonder Years to Roseanne. Strongly.

  5. The Simpsons and Roseanne as your top 2? Girl, I love you.


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