Jenn Dodd is 80′s Hip


Jenn Dodd and Jennifer Bartels, former roommates and gigantic fans of the 80′s, created these “legends in their own mind” characters. Loni Markeet and Ritzy Feldman not only starred in several terrible 1980′s NBC Monday Night Movies, but also created their own exercise franchise complete with beauty tips. Here is one in a series of awkward, sweaty fitness videos on which they collaborated.

After an all night Cheers marathon brother/sister duo Will and Jenn Dodd were so taken aback by the length of everyone’s pant’s zippers, they decided to write a song about it with the help of Sharon Jamilkowski.

Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is a New York based character actress and comedian who loves to poke fun at mankind’s collective social awkwardness. Her character work focuses primarily on the wonderfully bizarre nature of every day people.


  1. ahhhhh I’m crying, I am laughing so hard: “Can you smell the skinny?” “Someone hurt themselves being thin”……

  2. this is fucking awesome. put this on funny or die asap!

  3. “People have more respect for you when you are tan.” This video is awesome. So, so funny.

  4. This was awesome!
    So very adult swim.
    Time to watch it again…so many great lines!

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