Ten Totally Rad Weekend Plans for the 80s

10. Lift some Pop Rocks from the local 7-11 store when you buy your can of NEW Coke then drink the NEW Coke with a mouth full of Pop Rocks to see if you really do explode.

9. Take your boom box and Cassingle of “Footloose” out to the country and dance just like Ren McCormick until the Cassingle breaks.

8. Using your now-broken Cassingle tape of “Footloose” string the tapearound the nearest car just like Danny Zucko in “Greased Lightening”.

7. Dial 867-5309 over and over and over and ask for Jenny.

6. Buy brand new neon-colored sweat shirts three sizes too big and cut the arms, necks and waist of each and every one of them. Layer the sweatshirts over biker shorts and a miniskirt and wear them to the arcade. Attempt to beat Ms. Pacman’s high score, which was achieved by someone with the initials “A S S”.

5. Use hot rollers, a hot brush and a curling iron to create hair that stands at least four inches from your scalp. Once that’s achieved use an entire aerosol bottle of Aqua Net and a pic comb to make it stand six inches out. When your hair is perfect, compare it to Jon BonJovi’s hair and fake kiss his page-poster from Teen Beat.

4. Sneak into a DeBarge / Pointer Sisters concert wearing a red leather jacket, jelly bracelets & shoes and one lace glove because there will never be another chance to get that much soul in one place.

3. Date someone named Cory. Girl or Boy. Famous or not.

2. Before dragging main in your black Trans Am, high five your friends and holler, “I feel the need — the need for speed!”

1. Plan a Breakfast Club remake with your friends, complete with lip gloss and a stash in your tight-rolled pants, only to discover your school isn’t open on Saturdays and your “stash” is just oregano.


Heather Davis

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Heather Davis, Minivan Momma, has figured it all out. Follow along as she shares her tricks on how to juggle being a full-time, work-outside-the-home momma with two crazy, start-the-day-fighting daughters all while keeping her home neat and tidy, her toilets clean and her husband satisfied in bed (and not just on Saturday nights!). OK – it’s only one “trick”. The trick is to ignore it all. Also, drink lots of sangria. And laugh every day. You’re always welcome to laugh at her! http://www.facebook.com/IAmMinivanMomma


  1. I had jellies!! I was in grade school, but I had jellies!!

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