When Celebs Suck – Lindsay Lohan

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It’s official, kids. Lock up your booze and your valuables. Stay off the streets andthe sidewalks.

Lindsay Lohan’s probation is officially over. Well, at least her formal probation.

Now all she has to do is not break any laws for 2 ½ years. 2 ½ whole years. This may not seem like such a big deal to ordinary folks like you and me. Unless you count spending too much time online as a crime – in which case, we’re all getting locked up.

But as we’ve found out time and again, Lindsay is no ordinary girl. She’s managed to turn lawlessness into an art form. Asking her to stay out of trouble is like asking her to find a word that rhymes with “orange”.

(There isn’t one. I know you tried.)

But then again, who could blame the girl for being a big ol’ hot mess? Look at her parents. Fame-hungry losers who’ve been using their daughter as their foot in the door for years – oblivious to the fact that they’re a laughingstock. They make Britney Spears look like Donna Reed.

Please tell me you know who Donna Reed is. Google her.

This just isn’t fair. We’ve been burned so badly by our celebs lately. Every time you turn around someone’s either getting divorced, having a breakdown or dying. I’ve barely recovered from the knowledge that there are partially-nude photos of Octomom out there (I haven’t dared look, since I can’t actually wash my eyeballs – let me know if you’ve seen them). I’m not emotionally ready for a free Lindsay.

You know who IS ready for a free Lindsay? Her plastic surgeon. I’m sure they’re clearing their calendar and looking at travel brochures in hopes that she decides to go on a binge in celebration, since she’s apparently found a new vice to become addicted to.

Besides, she needs to look fresh-faced for all the work she’ll be doing. I’m sure she has a ton of quality projects in the pipeline.

But let’s look at the bright side: At least she can’t get arrested for too much plastic surgery. Right?


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  1. I do, in fact, know who Donna Reed is, and I agree completely with you…Octomom needs to PUT IT AWAY!!! GAWD! very funny…

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