Anime makes me sooo hungry – Saturday Morning Cartoons

I am a huge fan of the Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movies.

And, if you will indulge me a hipster moment, I was way into them before Disney started shoving the badly voice-acted US versions down our throats. I loved them back when I had to walk to Oxford Comics and mail order them from Japan on VHS.

But there is something about those movies (especially the more recent Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle) that always makes me hungry. Seriously hungry. Runover-the-nun-in-the-crosswalk-and-dropkick-anyone-else-who-gets-in-my-way hungry.

So, take a look at some clips from some of my favorite movies and see if it doesn’t have you demanding Dim Sum (or breakfast) immediately‚Ķ.

**Warning: Animated Gratuitous Food Porn**

Howl's Moving Castle
Soup! KiKi's  - Om nom nom Ponyo  -
My Neighbor Totoro -

Spirited Away

Bento, Bitches!
Bento! My Neighbor Totoro -

Sometimes Mama needs to have a tallboy…even in a cartoon:
Ponyo -

Yeah, I wouldn’t wait either:
Ponyo -

This may or may not be how the cart ladies act when my husband and I walk into the dim sum restaurant:
Spirited Away -

This may or may not be how my husband and I act in the dim sum restaurant:

Even the cats eat prosh in anime land:
Kiki's Delivery Service found on

Wait, even the COAL DUST eats prosh in anime land:
spirited away

So hop in the car, we’ve got a dim sum joint to demolish! and then…Bubble Tea!


Lakia Ross

Lakia is a WAHM graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia. She is married to educator/animator Tony Ross; their daughter, Izzy, is two. When she is not chained to her Mac (most likely doing something for Jacki here at FnS), Lakia enjoys toddler-wrangling, reading, playing video games, watching cartoons, cooking, single malt whiskey,cross-stitching + other crafty stuff, and shoes. Visit her website:


  1. Love the post, but now I’m starving. Ever see Tampopo? Live action; same result. Just want to let you know you say in bio that you like single malt hiskey.

  2. Ah, yes, hiskey. That’s whiskey that’s aged so long the ‘W’ won’t come out of the barrel ; ) (Thanks!)

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