Jessica Delfino Is Magic

Funny Woman Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino

Insight from Jessica especially for FnS viewers:

This “NEW” video version of the “MAGIC” song was made for a UK TV pilot featuring lots of demented comedians. It was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland in Aug 2009 in two locations — one was the gorgeous Arthur’s Seat mini-mountain attraction that tons of tourist climb on a daily basis to get breath taking views of the ocean and surrounding city. Some climb drunk and die, but I was not one of them — not that year, anyway! Unlike American tourist attractions, there are no walls or fences around Arthur’s Seat (and no admission fee). You’re on your own, so don’t be a dumb ass, and wear sensible shoes to hike up the mound and not 6 inch high heels like I’m wearing in this video.

The bag piper was a 15 year old who we borrowed for the video. He happened to be standing there piping it up anyway, so we invited him to be in the vid and paid him a few pounds to look all authentic. While we were filming, a group of people, including some of my friends who were also in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival conglomerated around us while I sang “My Pussy Is Magic!” into the hill side. They took photos, and clapped when I was done. I felt like a real Farrah Faucet.

At the last minute of the last scene on the mound, a wasp landed on my arm and stung me, as if to say, take your magical poony elsewhere, my waspy vagina is the only magic vagina on this mountain.

The other scenes were shot in the flat I was renting with my friends.

The older version of the video was originally deleted by Youtube when they sold to Google, but was allowed back up under a different name (My Pu55y Is Magic, note the 5s for Ss), which is totally nuts considering there are videos of people squeezing disgusting pimples on Youtube which are so much more vulgar and offensive than a cute girl singing joyfully about the parts God gave her.

SONG OF THE MONTH club: New monthly jams by twisted minstrel, publicly denounced by the US Catholic League.

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  1. The unicorn waving his horn…priceless.

  2. Jessica fucking rules! Sexy and hilarious!

  3. Simplement ha-llu-ci-nant !! et en plus totalement lisible par les moteurs de recherche ! Alors? Elle es pas belle la vie?? ^^

  4. This is the 2nd version of this video — the first one is very psychadelic and public access-y looking.

  5. Melissa Sutton says:

    I have seen Jessica perform live, she’s great. I highly recommend !!!

  6. Sheila Danzig says:

    Awesome! I love Jessica live and am a huge fan.

  7. David Scott says:

    Mind-blowing! I totally get it now. It *IS* magic. What other explanation can there be?

  8. Francis Mutulu says:

    Absolutely rib-cracking!! I had to connect it to my hi-fi for my sisters to hear this…now they cannot stop singing it. Jessica you got fans in Africa too! Good stuff!

  9. lol..Magical huh??!!! key words…”Handle with care and use it at your own risk” You gatta love it!!!!!

  10. Melissa Frommer says:

    It really is and I am glad Jessica gave it an anthem!

  11. OMG! Fans in Africa?! That’s amazing! Thanks for all this great feedback :)

  12. Shoshana D says:

    Someone like you who is this funny… you will have fans worldwide!

  13. Razzak Raj says:

    Excellent! Great to feel! wishing you best luck.

  14. this song and video should be played for every 7TH GRADE Sex Ed class.

  15. Robert Ray Hill says:

    Interesting video, that caused me to blush (lol). Best of success in the future!!

  16. Hammerin Willy says:

    Funny stuff. Really funny and very well done.

  17. LMAO.

  18. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

  19. The Mighty Boosh is amazing!

  20. Mighty Boosh, thank you so much for stopping in to promote yourself on top of my video, if that’s really the real you!!

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    Shoot ‘em up funny!

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