Slutty but Funny Love – Funny Musician Linda Roy

Linda Roy, I am in love with you. God dammit, you’re great. Your ability to embody the mannerisms and quirks of these famous singers is breathtaking and borderline genius. You had me pissing my pants from laughter in your original rendition of Lana Del Ray’s, “Video Games.” Did Lana give up sushi to give birth to her children? No, no she did not. That bitch.

Pairing classic and catchy tunes with hilarious lyrics about your children/fast food/your vagina, well let’s get real here, you found your niche, lady. Like I said, I officially fell in love with you, and I’m pretty sure so will all the Funny not Slutties of the world.
Oh, and can I make one request? Can you write a song about condiments (specifically Hellman’s mayo) and mix it with Kesha’s song, “Blow,” for me? I have a feeling you could rock out a pretty epic love ballad about my baby, Hellman.


Slutty but Funny

Natalie Wall likes to think she is a female comedian but the reality is she’s a NYC girl trying to make it big. If she’s not writing in her blog, Awkward Sex and the City, she’s spraying vanilla icing on a mini donut or thinking of ways to kill Dora from Dora the Explorer. Help her, humor her and fall in love with the pale pasty princess straight out of Compton (not really).



  1. It’s Best Foods, you East Coast freak.

  2. To the editor: As a fellow mayo-aholic myself (and I see ASatC also gives props to Hellman’s) I’m happy to oblige the Kesha “Blow” meets mayo fix. Have you tried Dukes? I have suppliers down south for that stuff. Wickedly good.

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