Funny Not Slutty Best on the Planet Winners!

Funniest on the planet awards

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1. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Female

Tina Fey – Winner!


2. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Male

Louis CK – Winner!


3. Funniest Actress/Actor on the Planet – Television

Kristin Wiig – Winner!


4. Funniest Humor Blogger on the Planet

Jenn Dodd – Winner!


5. Best FnS Column on the Planet

Slutty But Funny – Winner!


6. Favorite FnS Columnist on the Planet

Natalie Wall – Winner!

Alexandra Rosas – First Loser

The Suniverse – Second Loser


7. Funniest Actress/Actor – Film/Video

Jenn Dodd – Winner!


8. Favorite FnS Commenter on the Planet

Natalie Wall – Winner!

Suniverse – First Loser

Kablooey – Second Loser


9. Funniest Song on the Planet

Girl Balls, Killy Dwyer – Winner!


10. Funniest Musician on the Planet

Killy Dwyer – Winner!


11. Funniest Tweeter on the Planet

Stephen Colbert, @StephenAtHome – Winner!


12. Funniest Fake Newscast on the Planet

The Daily Show – Winner!


13. Funniest Book on the Planet

Calvin and Hobbes – Winner!


14. Funniest Vlog on the Planet

My Drunk Kitchen – Winner!


15. Funniest Web Video on the Planet

Shit Angry Black Women Say – Winner!


16. Funniest Web Video Series on the Planet

Drunk History – Winner!


17. Funniest TV Show or Series on the Planet

Arrested Development -Winner!


18. Funniest Film on the Planet

The Jerk – Winner!


19. Funniest Storyteller on the Planet

Louis CK – Winner!

Leslie Goshko – First Loser


20. Funniest Live Show on the Planet

SNL – Winner!

Alter Ego’s Toys for Tots SpectacuBenefitahon – First Loser

Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent Blow Out – Second Loser


21. Funniest Animation on the Planet

Family Guy – Winner!


12.Funniest Talk Show or Podcast on the Planet

The Daily Show – Winner!


23. Funniest Comedy Festival on the Planet

PIT Sketch Fest NYC – Winner!

New York Comedy Festival – First Loser


24. Funniest Improv Troupe on the Planet

Gameface NYC – Winner!

Improv Anywhere NYC – First Loser

Sponsored by The Louise Log

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