How I’m Filling That 30 Rock Void ~ Ginny Leise


2 broke girls VS 30 Rock

Now that 30 Rock is over, I’m hunting for a replacement show to fill the void.  TV, as a whole, is in great shape right now. There are so many great shows out there it’s a struggle to keep up with them all. Mad Men, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Walking Dead, Downtown Abbey, Breaking Bad… the list goes on and on. But the hole 30 Rock left in my heart is specifically shaped. A 30-minute sitcom hole that no character driven hour long drama could properly plug.

Parks & Recreation- You lend stability to my life like an awesome big sister. You are consistently funny and I don’t live in fear you’ll be randomly canceled mid-season. And yet, as much as I adore your writing, the feeling is more platonic than passionate.

Community- Thank god you’re back! It’s like being reunited with a college lover after a whole summer and fall semester abroad. But I must guard my heart because as many comedy orgasms as you’re giving me now, you could get canceled at any moment and never call me again.

The Mindy Project- I like you Mindy, as you the public figure and as you the heightened sitcom character. But I don’t really like anybody or anything else on this show. Which bums me out because I want to supportive not snarky. Best not say anything else.

New Girl- I like you. Although sometimes I wonder, “Why are they all yelling?” But boisterous is definitely the worst thing for a show to be.

2 Broke Girls- No matter how many up-to-the-minute pop culture references you make, multi-camera shows feel stodgy. I forgive your stuck-in-the-90s feel because you girls have chemistry and Kat Dennings is always being funny about her boobs. But CBS has made it nearly impossible to watch this show online.  I don’t know if I like you enough to risk creepy viruses whenever I stream you off some foreign website.

And the winner is…

Weirdly, The Office. I’d given up on you in recent years. But it’s like hanging out with an old friend you had a falling out with years back and now you can’t remember what the fight was about. Now that we’re hanging again, I remember all your awesome traits: the perfect blend of humor and heart, zippy one-liners from the deep bench of supporting characters and above all, silliness.  Its your last season so I know this is only a temporary fix, but by next fall there will be an entirely new line up to soothe my TV neediness.


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Ginny Leise grew up in Jersey, earned a delightfully useless degree in Colorado and currently resides in Brooklyn. She spends her days writing, filming sketch videos with ThreeGForce and improvising at PIT. Oh, and rewatching episodes of 30 Rock.


  1. greg boz says:

    I love Community, but without Dan Harmon this new seasn has been a big let down for me. Parks and Rec hasn’t lived up to last amazing season. I’m excited for all the IFC shows that are coming, new season of Comedy Bang Bang, Marc Maron’s show, Will Ferell and Bob Odenkirk is producing a show by the Birthday Boys a sketch comedy group out of UCB LA…. although I realize now it’s all dudes.

  2. I adore The MIndy Project. Mindy is great and so is Danny, but the rest I could leave. SO I feel ya, but Mindy may be enough to make up for it. Or maybe it is just the fact that i want to quietly move into her apartment, you know under the radar, and make nest there.

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