4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch – Besties Edition

4 funny web series

You may remember the post 4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch from last November. Well I hope you are ready for more! Here are 4 more web series sent in by show producers and publicists. These are are 4 of my favorites, I think you will like them, too.

Brunch on Sundays

Brunch on Sundays was submitted by series Writer/Producer/Actor Shira Weitz. Set in Brooklyn every Sunday, a distressed Charlie reveals her ‘sexscapades’ over brunch, her tales enhanced by quirky flashbacks of how they went awry. Charlie’s live-now-ask-questions-later mentality often leaves her with the short end of the stick, but her unwavering confidence keeps her hilarious.



Jenny and Meagan sent this their funnny (with 3 n’s) sketch comedy series Roomsies about two roommates who do weird stuff in their apartment. That pretty much sums it up.


Margot & Marie

New web series featuring Margot & Marie (duh).  Each episode is a minute long, featuring two young women living in LA, and besties since 1997. Watch Margot & Marie live to love babies, Beyonce, dating, and some truly amazing blazers.


Stupid Bitch Syndrome

Chelsea Devantez and Emily Walker of Stupid Bitch Syndrome are best friends, roommates, and actors on The Second City National Touring Company. They also spent four months performing on the Norwegian Spirit cruise line together. During their time performing on the cruise ship they had the epiphany that the red wine sold to the crew for $1 tasted like shit.  It was then they begin mixing white wine with red to cut the taste and found out that when you mixed the two, you get extra wasted.  From there, Stupid Bitch Syndrome was born. Do yourself a favor and go watch the 10 minute pilot episode, too.


Jacki Schklar is publisher of the women’s comedy site funnynotslutty.com and comedyrants.com. She works in media production, marketing and social media. Everyone tells her she should do standup or open a restaurant, neither of which appeals to her. http://www.facebook.com/FnSComedy


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