What Your Halloween Costume Says To the World Infographic – K A B L O O E Y



K A B L O O E Y is a 47 year old non-practicing filmmaker who lives with Phineas at an undisclosed suburban location. Their three kids are Moochie (6), Lonzie (20) and The Big Puppy (22). She (who am I kidding, I’m writing this myself) tweets @kblooey and has two goals: 1) To make creative work a central part of my life, and 2) To keep my family from needing the services of the Supernanny.



  1. No good can come of dressing up as an oompa loompa for Halloween. Cue the musical cautionary tale complete with stilted choreography…

  2. I know. Feel free to cue the music if it’s yours, btw. The Hitler and Lechter kids don’t know what hit them, but the Oompa Loompa boy looks frighteningly happy. I know he’s a model, but still. At least he’s not a flying monkey, because those things really scare me.

  3. Smooshiest says:

    I saw a flying monkey the other day at a clown’s birthday party (huh, right?). I was more scared of the clown, but that’s because he kept saying “Are yous all having fun?”


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