Ode to Spice Girls – Daniella R. Bondar

Spice World

If I told you that I didn’t embarrassingly rock out to the Spice Girls on two separate occasions in the last four days, I’d be lying. Okay, so it was really three times. Three times in four days. In public. In dive bars. In a karaoke bar. That’s not counting all the times I was alone in my apartment and ran into a Risky Business situation.  What I am really trying to say here, in case you haven’t caught on, is the Spice Girls are the best thing to happen to this universe.  Anyone who says they disagree is lying. Here’s why…

1.  First in regards to the straight males out there who may be denying my very blanketed statement:  For a really long time gals were running around in Spice Girl – esque outfits,  so you are welcome boys.

2. We could mark out maturity growing by which Spice Girl we decided to identify with. ALl of my friends wanted to be Baby Spice. It led to lots of hair pulling and singing over each other. The pulling of pigtails always went a little too far. I had furry scrunchies, so of course I thought I should be the one.

3. The Spice Girls are still providing much unadulterated happiness for drunk girls. Ever been in a bar when a Spice Girls song comes on? Yeah, that. And yeah, I am definitely one of those girls.

4. Everytime I meet a guy I sing him “ If you wanna be my lover…” just so he knows what is up.

5. Spice Girls have taught me, and my generation of pleather donning attitude toting wannabes lots of important life lessons. Like to stop in the name of love and girls can be empowered while looking like super sluts.

6. Spice World. Nough said.

7. Sporty spice made it okay to be sporty in a way that never involves any balls, sports balls that is. I am sure she taught many girls the importance of playing with other types.

8.  Made us learn how to shimmy which trumps twerking by a long shot.

9. We still have fun hanging around the house blasting some Spice Girls and dancing around in our underwear.  Sometimes even when people are watching. Spice Girls fans just don’t care.

10. Does anyone remember Danity Kane? That might not even be what they were really called. But any product of a P. Diddy reality show will never hold a candle to the Spice Girls. I sometimes stay up late at night worrying about the loss that the next generation faces. They will have no girl band ( that matters). They will have no Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty or Ginger. What will they do? How will they survive?  It’s a sad cold hard fact. The Spice Girls generation, we are the lucky ones. Nothing compares, remember that my lovely fangirls and fanboys. Remember that fondly.

Profile RedDaniella R. Bondar is an aspiring writer. Occasional blogger. Essayist. Pen and paper enthusiast. Frank Sinatra’s not-so-secret admirer. Daydreamer. Wandering New Yorker. Part of Alec Baldwin’s fan club. Read about her whimsy on Breakfast with Myself.



  1. I’m old. So I didn’t grow up with the Spice Girls, but I would definitely be Baby Spice with a touch of Sporty Spice. The Chew hosts all dressed as The Spice Girls for their Halloween show. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake the image of Clinton Kelly as Posh. Bitch has better legs than I’ll ever have in a dress.

    • I adore the Chew and that was amazing. Clinton Kelly can be my Posh spice any day. I would probably be ginger. She is feisty. Although, that’s just what I say, I am probably not cool enough to be any.

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