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Funny Not Slutty Best on the Planet Winners!

Funniest on the planet awards

Sponsored by The Louise Log

1. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Female

Tina Fey – Winner!


2. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Male

Louis CK – Winner!


3. Funniest Actress/Actor on the Planet – Television

Kristin Wiig – Winner!

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Alter Ego’s Annual Toys for Tots SpectacuBenefitathon Dec. 16

christmas monkey

This month, a very special ALTER EGO gets naughty AND nice at our annual Toys For Tots Benefit! Killer Killy Dwyer is your holidazed hostess serving up a sparkly, spirited night of quirky, holiday themed vaudeville performances in this alt variety spectacuBenefitathon!

Dec. 16, 8pm – 11pm Show and Jingle Mingling
$5 suggested minimum donation (all proceeds go to Toys For Tots) AND an unwrapped, non-stuffed, new toy for a child
Raffles! Surprises! Santa! Marines! and ….

Toys For Tots 2012 Line-Up Includes: [Read more...]

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting Avoiding AIDS at Alter EGO – Vaudeville Surreal

Alter Ego is an alternative variety show on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Fontana’s Bar on the LES of NYC.  Hosted by Killy Dwyer, this “vaudeville surreal” show is a journey through various alternative art forms and unique performances.

The next Alter Ego – Vaudeville Surreal is Sunday, May 20th.

We’re Back to the 80s on Funny not Slutty

Hello, and welcome to Back to the 80′s on Funny not Slutty. We have what I feel is the funniest week in the history of FnS, and that’s pretty funny. Look for original and classic 80s videos, 80s themed memes, blog posts and even a fab 80′s jukebox procured by our graphic designer, Lakia Ross.

Special thanks to Killy Dwyer, the Funny not Slutty Fairy, and her crew, Bill Chambers and Craig Schober for producing 3 vid promos.

The contributors who made this week happen are: [Read more...]

FnS Top 20 List ~ 2011

top 20 funny

Here are the most viewed posts from 2011 content on Funny not Slutty for the entire year. There is a lot of good stuff that did not make the list such as most of our “Victoria Jackson for President on FnS ” campaign that so many funny women contributed to. And let’s give a round of applause for ALL our columnists and contributors.

Some great posts were overshadowed because they just did not happen to do well in social media. What were your favorite posts from this year? What would you like to see more of on FnS in 2012?

  1. The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
  2. In Defense of Slutty Halloween Costumes – Slutty but Funny (by Natalie Wall)
  3. Ask the Suniverse on FnS Vol. 1 Edition 4
  4. Kablooey’s Annual Halloween Guide Part II
  5. Top 35 Worst Sex Names – Slutty but Funny (by Natalie Wall)
  6. Kablooey’s Annual Halloween Guide Part I
  7. John Travolta: A Timeline – Megan Lent
  8. #occupyanthropologie – Laura Burns
  9. Why I Love Christopher Hitchens – Jacki Schklar
  10. FnS Interview – Aubrey Anderson-Emmons of Modern Family
  11. Memoirs of My America – Lunchroom Angst
  12. Memoirs of My America – Penny for a Peanut Butter Twist
  13. See Something Say Something Shoot with Killer Killy Dwyer - Sara Gaddis
  14. Why The Brownie Leader Hates My Guts – K A B L O O E Y
  15. EAT THIS! Santa’s Reindeer’s Scat – Elizabeth Bastos
  16. Kid Still Life – Elizabeth Bastos
  17. 5 Things I Will NOT Be Doing on Valentine’s Day to “Please My Man” – Blythe Jewell
  18. American H.O.A.R by “Victoria Jackson” (by Traci Foust)
  19. REVENGE ITALIANO – Lucia Brizzi
  20. Notes From Your Drunk Grandma: Halloween (by Noa Gavin)


10 Women Who Rock Comedy

Have no fear, there are no ukuleles here. This is a collection of my favorite funny female singers who happen to actually rock. I thought it would be a good way to end the year at FnS.

I want to thank all of our columnists and contributors and everyone has helped to make FnS a geat place to go for comedy by women. You have kept me laughing all year. Watch for the “Year of FnS” for our top 20 list of most viewed posts that I’ll publish sometime on the 1st.

Happy New Year!
Jacki Schklar

Margaret Cho

Kate Rigg – Slanty Eyed Mama

 Killy Dwyer – Kill The Band

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We make women laugh.

Funny not Slutty features comedy created by female producers, writers, humorists and comedians…The funniest women on the Planet! FnS Original Productions have been featured by Funny or Die,, and Internet Video Magazine.

Our content may be a little smarter and a little deeper than your average web humor (sometimes). Take a look around the site and contact us with your suggestions and comments. If you are interested in contributing email us.  And be sure to tell your friends about us!

Publisher – Jacki Schklar

Here are some of the things funny women have to say about

I know about comedy. is where I go for all things funny and female!Kelly “Killy” Dwyer (stars as FnS fairy)

Funny Not is the first website of its kind to focus on female comedians, especially in the rapidly growing internet community of web videos and shorts. In the comedy world where everything has historically been one big penis party, it meant a lot to me to be involved with this revolutionary site.
- Katharine Heller (who directed the new FnS  video)

“FnS has grown tremendously since its inception.  It’s a large community of funny, talented women. ” – Stephanie Faith Scott (stars as Jill in the video, Stephanie also was one of the first few contributors the first version of the site.)

“FnS is a haven for irreverent, smart female comedy. Coming up through the ranks of those dens of misogyny known as the Hollywood comedy club scene,  I am delighted by this site where funny women are allowed to be so much more than self-deprecating.” – Marié Lake

“Funny Not Slutty rocks my ever-lovin’ world.  FnS and its talented creators are committed to showcasing and supporting women who live to make people laugh. There’s all manner of funny, fabulous and funkadelic content on the site” -Ann Marie Lindbloom, Comic-Writer-Producer-Director-Breakdancer

“I love FNS. The only issue I have with FNS is that I have so many funny stories that have resulted from me BEING slutty.” – Jessica Delfino


See Something Say Something Shoot – Killer Killy Dwyer

by Sara Gaddis

You might know Killy Dwyer.  You might’ve seen her on stage, crooning sweetly into a microphone while birthing a babydoll from her fishnets, or maybe pulling a diva move on her band, Kill The Band, and firing them all during the show?   Perhaps you may have seen her leading that group of surly gorillas through your neighborhood?  Maybe you saw her last Friday, caped and being chased by an angry group of tourists across the Brooklyn Bridge Park boardwalk?  That’s where I last saw her, and it was pretty goddamn terrific. [Read more...]

Funny AND Slutty – Leslie Goshko and Killy Dwyer

Click “Funny” at the end for us, please!

OK, maybe we ARE Funny AND Slutty…
..from the cutting room floor, too good to delete. Promos for their Frigid Festival shows to come.
Killy Dwyer -
Leslie Goshko –