Be on FnS

If you would like to write a column for Funny not Slutty, have a funny story or video published here, or make some other sort of submission…you are in the right place!

I wrote and published this awesome blog entry, will you republish it on FnS?
We are no longer accepting previously published blogs. But you can submit some for review with an idea for something you would like to write for us. This gives a feel for what the piece would be like before you spend time developing it.

Is my writing funny enough? I’m not famous and I’m no stand up comedian.
Does this project make you laugh out loud? If it does not make me laugh out loud, I won’t publish it. But you don’t have to be famous, just funny.

I have an idea for a story that would be perfect for FnS. Should I go ahead and write it, or can I run it by you before possibly wasting my time?
You can always send story ideas before writing them. I might have a little extra direction for you, sometimes writers appreciate my input. I need to see a fair amount of work from you before I can decide, so send a link to your blog before asking me to publish a story not yet written. I reserve the right to decline publishing anything at any time, though.

I have this awesome 800+ word story I wrote. It has one or two really good jokes in it.
You need to edit tighter or send something else. If it’s long but funny all throughout, that is ok.

I did not produce/write this video/article but I think it should be published on FnS.
Great! I’d love to hear your suggestions! I just need to know that you were not the creator of the content.

OK, so I’m ready to become famous on Funny not Slutty. What do I need to do?
You can send up to 4 story ideas in an email to FnS publisher
Jacki Schklar.

I do not have a submission right now, but I would like to support the site.
Glad to have you! You can join the FnS Comedy Network and post all you like, or just hang out.