80s High – Kimberly McBride

“I love interpreting the eighties via video because the eighties was video and it was a very nuevo riche time.  Easily compared to the roaring twenties; the twenties had Gatsby, the eightes had Gekko.
John Hughes really loved using the whole, “other side of the tracks,” concept to show this desire, this need for money, this Reagan freak show of teens…all they ever talked about in his movies was what side of the tracks a person came from, it was hilarious to me.  And James Spader really drove the concept home, in my opinion…” [Read more...]

Jenn Dodd is 80′s Hip


Jenn Dodd and Jennifer Bartels, former roommates and gigantic fans of the 80′s, created these “legends in their own mind” characters. Loni Markeet and Ritzy Feldman not only starred in several terrible 1980′s NBC Monday Night Movies, but also created their own exercise franchise complete with beauty tips. Here is one in a series of awkward, sweaty fitness videos on which they collaborated.
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Funny not Slutty Fairy Does Friday the 13th

Back to the 80s on FnS


What’s With The Weather? Absurdity Today! with Julianna Forlano

Julianna ForlanoJulianna Forlano is the host and head writer of The Forlano Factor, the Satirical News Parody show with a powerful point of view and a sharp tongue.
Julianna on Funny not Slutty’s Community

Ted and Gracie : The Surprise – Jena Friedman

- Jena Friedman http://jenafriedman.com/

The Newlymovedins – Who the hell are these people?

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Lil’ Senator – Chelsea Devantez

Lil’ Senator from Devantez on Vimeo.

“I originally wrote and performed the Lil’ Senator song for the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago this past fall. My friend, Steven Aleck (House of Gunsword Productions), offered to direct a music video for it and we were off! I’m an actor at The Second City in Chicago and the music video features two other actors from Second City — John Thibodeaux and Kellen Alexander, as well as iO (improv olympic) comedians Kevin Reader and Kevin Walsh. We were able to shoot the video in a half day on a zero dollar budget, which was pretty sweet!”
- Chelsea Devantez

Open Letter to Rick Santorum – Cue Black Girls

XOXO from Cue Black Girls on Vimeo.

Renee Threatte enjoys native plant gardening, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc on a warm summer’s day, and frightening small children as well as the elderly.


Miss Holly Hope for President

Hey FnS community! Miss Holly Hope here. I would love to receive your support in my journey of runnin’ for President! President? I know there’s likely a lotta questions, so I got answers. How’s the campaign for President goin’? Well, I’m I am findin’ it challengin’ to be a beacon of hope and light when there is so much negativity in this race for President that I’m runnin’ for, so much so that I’m about 2 inches in my mind from buildin’ a time machine to leave for the future, like 200 years from now. But that’s no good. Gotta stay and work it out and plow through the poo. Someone while I was out politicin’ the other day actually gave me dirty looks – I won’t name names – but it was someone on another candidate’s team. It’s really amazin’ what’s out there when ya start gettin’ into it. I’m gonna stick to the streets and findin’ people that love and support my message and by goodness we will make a difference together. I would love to have a bunch of Funny Not Slutty ladies on my team helpin’ promote love and peace and simply not givin’ in to the nasty, negative side of politics. I’d love for y’all to join my mission for peace and love and of course for me bein’ President! [Read more...]

The Chelsea Girl (1943) Episode One – Lucia Brizzi

It’s New York City, it’s 1943, and Lucia Brizzi is a thoroughly modern woman. If only she can only escape the stranglehold of her domineering father, drunken mother, and pathetic bore of an ex-fiancé. All changes when she meets her match, her sworn enemy turned accidental lover, misogynistic newspaperman John Powell. This battle of the sexes nods to classic Screwball Rom Coms, satirizing antiquated ideas about sexuality that still resonate today.

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