Monique Madrid Settles for the Sea



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Ryan Gosling in Drive – Kristen Carney






by Kristen Carney


A woman is suing the movie Drive for not living up to its trailer. She said that based off of the trailer, she expected it to be more like the movie Fast and the Furious. Personally, I’d sue a movie for being like Fast and Furious. If she wanted Drive to be like Fast and the Furious, I have some serious questions about her mental state and also if she has anything other than Ed Hardy in her wardrobe.

I will, however, agree that Drive was kind of boring. I get that whole “artsy, hipster” thing it had going on. But, if I hadn’t drank coffee before, I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first seen with Carrie Mulligan and her gangster hoop earrings.

Save yourself $12 and watch as I reenact the whole movie, with my best Ryan Gosling face and all.

Lady Comic Slumber Party

Lady Comic Slumber Party with Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Nikki Glaser and Marina Franklin. Don’t you wish you were there?

I’m a Girl and I’m Funny Yo – Freddi Scheib


Freddi Scheib spent three years writing and performing in NYU’s premiere sketch comedy group Hammerkatz. After constantly being written into sketches as the pretty girl about whom something gross and sexual is said, she got mad enough to start her own comedy group.

This video came to her while walking home from a Starbucks after having a writers meeting with a friend. They had been discussing how many female comedians feel like they have to be gross, dirty, or manly in order to be funny. She wanted to make a video that would inspire female comedians to have the courage to write and produce their own ideas without having to take those angles. Because rap is commonly a male bravado-centric form, she thought it would be funny to perform a hardcore rap as a super girly comedy writer. She took her own experiences and interests, heightened them and put them in verse.

She recorded the song with Chase Culpon, an NYU recorded music student then she got her friend Matthew Cady to film the video and her friend Henry’s apartment as a location.

One behind-the-scenes tidbit: the cake had been in the refrigerator for a day or two, so when they did the first take of shoving Sime Viduka’s head into it, it was so hard that he just bounced back! Some of the laughter from that take was put under the opening scene because it was so genuine.

Confessions of a Tooth Fairy

Melinda Hill and Kristen Wiig perform at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood, CA.