The Best Video Christmas Card Ever!

Something you may or may not know about me…A Charlie Brown Christmas music makes me want to commit suicide. So when I saw this Video Christmas Card by Funny not Slutty Leslie Goshko I laughed out loud and watched it about 10 times in a row. An instant classic; send it to all your friends to spread the holiday do-do cheer. 

No really, I have to say I am very thankful this holiday season. I’m thankful that I’m not involved in any personal projects involving groups with Gentiles.  Because you people check out at about Halloween and we never see you again until after Valentine’s Day… 


I asked Leslie who the mysterious hand belongs to in the video, and to share a little about the “making of” this masterpiece -
“The mysterious hand in the video is my husband’s. Whether he likes it or not, he unavoidably gets roped into helping me (we made a short silent film a little while back: 

Whenever we shoot a video together, there’s always an issue of ‘the camera.’ Namely, we never have anyone to deal with it. So, we use a really high tech way of getting the shot: we stack boxes or tables on top of each other and place the Flip camera on top. Bingo! Instant “camera person.” We have a lot of fun together. Plus I get to say things like, ‘Bitch slap my antler harder.’ Ah, love.”

A Fucked Up Thanksgiving Situation – Chantal Carrere

Aren’t they all?


Stand up Comedy videos by LIZZY THE LEZZY – HAPPY HALLOWEEN – SPECIAL! – Episode 16 –

Top 10 Halloween Costume FAILS

by stark. raving. mad. mommy.   You can vote for her on the Babble site, she is #6 down the page at the moment. It just takes a click.

It has been a gradual slide into the complete whorification of Halloween, but we’re there. Almost everything is “sexy” now, even things just aren’t even sexy. Like bugs. And Mrs. Potato Head. And fruit. And the things that aren’t sexy? Are baffling.

Even bugs are whorey now. Also, the model looks like she just farted.

Oh, nothing says sexy like a cartoon character that lives in the sewer with a decrepit rat sensei. There are so many things wrong with this costume. First of all, it doesn’t even look like a turtle. Second of all, is there a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie out or something? Because the last time I heard anything about those guys was circa 1990. Thirdly, and most importantly, this costume was in the “International Costumes” section. What, because they were “ninjas”? Those things lived in New York City. Geography / Timeliness / Sexy / Remotely-Looking-Like-Character FAIL.


Wow. This costume manages to be offensive on so many levels. I think even fans of the Atlanta Braves / Cleveland Indians / Florida State Seminoles / Washington Redskins would find this disgusting. Cultural understanding FAIL.


I’m not a religious person, and even I know this is appalling. Plus? Nuns would wear black tights. Duh. Bible Fashion Study FAIL. [Read more...]

Jessica Delfino Knows How to Craft Vagina Material

Jessica Delfino

One of our favorite Funnies is Jessica Delfino, who really knows vagina material. After all, her pussy IS magic… Jessica speaks and sings confidently about her vagina in this lovely performance on Ars Nova NYC. And in the second video she is interviewed by Ted the Puppet and converses about her glamorous Tampax Christmas Ornaments, for which it is definitely the season. Buy one of these little gems today!

Jessica Kirson – Happy Birthday…I’m White…

Great set by Jessica Kirson at Carolines.

The Risen Lord and The Easter Bunny

The Risen Lord and The Easter Bunny: A Dialogue by Elizabeth Bastos

The Risen Lord (rising from an attitude of contemplation): Easter Bunny, it seems that more and more people prefer you to me. Why is that?

The Easter Bunny: I am made of chocolate, Lord.

The Risen Lord: Ahh. Yes. But to those who believeth in me I offer eternal life!

The Easter Bunny (with submissive aspect): Amen, Lord. But, still you are not made of chocolate. And, with all due respect, Lord you’re not exactly…

The Risen Lord (beatifically): Go on, Bunny, I am a good listener. [Read more...]

Funny not Slutty Big Blog Book – Free Download!

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The Gift: Tales from Brokenoggin Falls

Werewolf Detective Janice Thinksalot has a lot of boobies to check and penises to find…
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