Scout Durwood Enchants NYC with Her Period

scout durwood

Scout Durwood sings a new anthem she wrote for women on The Global Look. A CITY WIDE local broadcast.
I Just Got My Period

Henry | Myspace Video

FnS News – Pizza and Wings and Chocolate Chip Cookies Edition

FnS Publisher, Jacki Schklar

by Jacki Schklar

Let’s start a new thing, shall we? It will be full of new stuff, like FnS happenings and fellow Funny not Sluttie’s upcoming events and recent accomplishments and latest gossip. But not your current weight loss spreadsheets, ok? I don’t want to hear anything about what you ate today unless it’s something yummy and fattening. I know it’s like a trend to become accountable through pathetic cries for attention social media posting your fucking diet lifestyle change and all.  But I’d rather have cybersex with this guy than read your calorie and fiber intake counts for the week on Facebook.


I was a part of another “first” recently, as the premiere Saturday Interview on Love in the Dumps.   That’s correct. A site for dysfunctional daters has chosen me as their flagship interview.  I talk about a topic I’m an expert on, which is meeting strange men on the internet. Rebound Rick, Sci-Fi Guy, and who can forget the Fur Trooper? Read and learn.

Iraqi Jackie

Iraqi Jackie

Everybody loves Iraqi Jackie, our favorite blogging U.S. soldier! I have some great news about Jackie! She has just returned home safe and sound after over a year of service overseas. This was her 2nd tour of duty. Let’s give her a great big virtual welcome home hug and thank you, shall we?

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Funny not Slutty of the Week – Stephanie Faith Scott

stephanie faith scott actor

Stephanie Faith Scott is half of comedy production duo Good Catch Productions. Stephanie along with her husband, Eric Rasmussen, produced FnS favorite series The RetributionersThe Retributioners is a hilarious NYC produced series about a woman’s quest to seek validation and revenge on everything from ex-boyfriends, former friends, people who stole her taxi, and everything in between. Their popular episode Drunk Dial Party was on the first “edition” of Funny not Slutty in May of 2008. Stephanie graciously granted an FnS audio interview later that year (listen below). She and Eric have a new series coming soon, so stay tuned to FnS for more details. And Steph will be a speaker at the first Web Series Summer Camp, sponsored by WGA-East in NYC August 28.

2008 FnS Audio Interview with Stephanie:

In the FnS Comuity:

Sandy Stec Interviews ADAM LAMBERT!

Sandy’s fabulous interview with Adam Lambert before his sold-out show at the Warfield in San Francisco that night. They talked food, music, and Twilight.

And Sandy took a little road trip to Amish country with our friend Susan Alexander:

Sandy and Susan will be in San Francisco performing 5 Funny Females ( ) Aug 6th & 7th and then at The Denial Game Show filming a pilot on Aug 13th & 14th ( ) at the legendary Purple Onion.

Meet The Funny not Slutty Advisory Board

I have received emails and social media comments almost daily about how much you love Funny not Slutty. Jewish guilt is really kicking in, because I cannot take half the credit. We have an Advisory Board who design, promote, code and well…advise. Meet the Funny not Slutty Advisory Board and say hello.
-  Jacki Schklar, Funny not Slutty Publisher   

shellie schmals

Shellie Schmals

Shellie Schmals

Shellie Schmals is known for partnering and producing shows with eclectic
genres of local and national actors, comedians, dancers, filmmakers,
musicians, artists, DJs, hooligans and even THE BLUES BROTHERS. Venues
Shellie has performed & partnered with include: The Tabernacle, Eyedrum,
DooGallery, Niche Gallery, The Laughing Skull Lounge, Sideline Lounge, Plaza
Theatre, The Punchline, Actor’s Express, Mason Murer Fine Art, Drunken
Unicorn and Lenny’s Bar. She’s thrilled to be a Funny not Slutty. By day,
Shellie is Director of Development & Public Relations at ARTPAPERS. By night,
she performs improv weekly at Relapse Theatre, where she is also
the Director of Community Affairs.   

stephanie manley

Stephanie Manley

Stephanie Manley

Stephanie Manley has operated one of the Internet’s most popular recipe
websites for over 15 years. features recipes that taste just
like they came out of the restaurant, but she creates recipes so you can
recreate these dishes at home, and no one can tell the difference.
Stephanie is also the author of‘s Dining Out in the Home. In
addition to Stephanie has put together websites for some local
charities, and is the organizer of Houston Food Blogger group. Stephanie
loves to share both recipes and creative ideas for making an impression

Lakia Ross

Lakia Ross

Lakia Ross

Lakia Ross is a graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia. She is married to
educator/animator Tony Ross and recently celebrated the arrival of her daughter, Isabella. Lakia enjoys problem-solving, reading, shoes, playing Final Fantasy, making jewelry, shoes, single malt whiskey, knitting, sewing, tedious housewifery, shoes, miniature schnauzers, and eating Kashi blueberry waffles with copious amounts of butter and syrup. Visit Lakia’s website:   

jimmylee smith

Jimmylee smith

Jimmylee Smith

Jimmylee Smith is a photographer, songwriter, actor and indie movie maker as well as corporate software engineer, including: BellSouth Online, IBM call centers, and Turner’s is a portal to his various websites.

Funny not Slutty of the Week – Daniela Muhawi

Humorist and artist Daniela Muhawi of Seafood Punch is Funny not Slutty of the Week. Her website is a holistic attempt at controlling a mild case of ADD by listing everything that goes on in the her head in a relatively orderly fashion. Daniela also provided most of the incredible cartoons among the pages of  The Funny not Slutty Big Blog Book. She has granted a little interview for us at FnS.

Funny not Slutty of the Week – Daniela Muhawi

It seems your work has themes such as food and diet, health and germs, self improvement and self esteem… How do you define the main themes of your art?

I love drawing food with faces. Ironically, I’d probably never eat anything if it was looking back up at me. (I’ll have to write a post about the goat-head incident now that you’ve reminded me about it.) Ideas comes to me while I write. Since I tend to write about animals, fat animals, food and food that makes you fat…that will typically be the stuff I illustrate. I occasionally like to incorporate real facts in my writing and art too. Unfortunately, I lost all credibility when I drew an angelic hotdog with a halo. I typically try and keep things entertaining, goofy and based on real facts…but I’ll slip once in a while.

I only know you are not originally from the US because you talk about it. You have assimilated into our culture so well, you cannot tell. Was that just in your nature, or did you purposefully observe and mimic what was around you? Do you think your brilliance in noticing what is in the minds of our society stems from an outsider’s perspective?

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One Ringy Dingy – Ernestine Tomlin

Joan Rivers guest hosts on the Tonight Show in 1984 with Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Telephone Operator.

Ernestine Gossips with Cher [Read more...]

The Kevin Nealon Show with Natasha Leggero

The Kevin Nealon Show with guest Natasha Leggero. She talks Twitter addiction, Tiger tramps, and telling jokes. He asks if she went to high school and what it’s like to be pretty.

Clip provided by –

Dr. Lisa Levy, s.p. (self proclaimed)



 Lisa Levy is a conceptual artist, self-proclaimed psychotherapist, performer, comedian and advertising art director. She is columnist/therapist for Gallery Beat and has a special video series coming soon to Funny not Slutty. You can also see Lisa live in STAND UP. LIE DOWN. with Dr. Lisa Levy, s.p. (self proclaimed).

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Kevin Nealon Show – Felicia Michaels

Felicia Michaels talks poofies and back massagers on Kevin Nealon’s weekly talk show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. New episodes every Monday and Tuesday!