Tracey Ashley FnS Audio Interview


Stand up comedian Tracy Ashley is here to talk funny not slutty. Tracey‘s cerebral and irreverent comical style of stand-up makes her a college campus and comedy club favorite, and she was nominated by Campus Activities Magazine as Best Female Performer in 2008. Tracey has also appeared on Last Comic Standing, TV Land and Current TV, and sometimes tours with Sheroes of Comedy.

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Karen Hilton – Putting it Out There

Interview by Gabriella Giarrano. Photos by Jacki Schklar.
When I first saw Atlanta comedienne Karen Hilton perform, it was like having a feather thrown at you after being pelted with rocks; surprising and a breath of fresh air amidst the many louder more in your face comics. Her style is effortless and easy, and that’s probably because her attitude is the same.

Stand-up Comedian Karen Hilton

Stand-up Comedian Karen Hilton

G:Your brand of stand-up is a quiet humor – some may even call you the Eeyore of comedy; more monotone and yet always true. If you had to describe your style in 3 words, what would they be? 

K: Please listen close.  [Read more...]

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females Interview

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females

Comedian Susan Alexander hosts and produces 5 Funny Females, a national touring stand-up comedy show with a line-up of the most talented up and coming female comedians in over 10 US cities to sold-out audiences.

You are always on the move. I’m not even sure if you live in NY or CA?
Me neither. I love being on both coasts. Right now I live in NYC but will be heading to California for shows.

You make people thirsty talking about your current beverages in social media. What would you be drinking right now if you could have the drink of your dreams?
Have two drinks that are my all time favorites: Vietnamese iced coffee and Patron on rocks with fresh limes.

You have a little bit of a biting risqué adult comedy thing going on sometimes, delivered with a very non-threatening, genteel demeanor. Did you talk like that before you were a comedian, or is that a developed delivery technique? [Read more...]

Camille Harris on The Muffin Man

Funny Woman Camille Harris

I wrote Muffin Man when I was singing to my dog a while back, and then it kind of morphed into the song that I have now. I also wrote a musical called Muffin Man and it was just in the New York International Fringe Festival.
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Glennis McMurray FnS Interview – Gabriella Giarrano


Funny Woman Glennis McMurray

Photo Elizabeth Griffin

When it comes to making fart jokes with a pretty smile on your face, few do it better than funny woman Glennis Mcmurray. With a gorgeous voice, quick wit, and talent for hilarious poop jokes, Glennis is a force to be reckoned with. Recently FnS got to pick her brain about her beginnings in NY, work with improv and voice over, and where she is headed.

- I Eat Pandas became quite the success, how did that experience get started? Has it helped your personal career?

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FnS Interviews Groupthink Research Market Group
And now a REAL interview with comedic web series creators Angela Espinosa and Wendy Rosoff of Groupthink:

JS: Why base your series around a Marketing agency?
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