The Walking “Red”: Taylor Swift Is Leading the Musical Zombie Apocalypse

Know what I think? I think Taylor Swift is leading us straight to a musical zombie apocalypse.

Clue Number One: her new album–Red.

Red, as in Taylor’s going to suck the life blood right out of the radio with her insipid yet ear wormy songs. She’s not gonna stop until we’re glazed over and stumbling all the way to the ATM machine, leg dragging.

Clue Number Two: Keith Richards already looked like death.  Once Taylor showed up, he became corpse ready. I could rest my case based on his cryptkeeper mug alone. It’s enough to make me lock myself up with a Stones album and a bottle of Southern Comfort.  Liz Phair just called and suggested a good and proper ball busting.

Taylor, want to know why we’ve gotta be so mean? It’s because you’re more cherry popover than virginal pop cross over and if the zombies don’t get us the diabetes will.

The final brain numbing comes in with Clue Number Three: A Southern accent? Aren’t you from Pennsylvania, Miss Swift?  What, Pennsylvania Dutch too Dwight Schrute sexy for you?

She’s downright blood thirsty!  Anyone see the look on her face at the Golden Globes when Adele picked up Best Original Song  for the 007 theme “Skyfall”?  Dang! Girlfriend could’ve killed Dr. No instantly.  Now that’s putting the c%#t back in Country!

Pop princess patently pissed. [Read more...]

Alter Ego’s Annual Toys for Tots SpectacuBenefitathon Dec. 16

christmas monkey

This month, a very special ALTER EGO gets naughty AND nice at our annual Toys For Tots Benefit! Killer Killy Dwyer is your holidazed hostess serving up a sparkly, spirited night of quirky, holiday themed vaudeville performances in this alt variety spectacuBenefitathon!

Dec. 16, 8pm – 11pm Show and Jingle Mingling
$5 suggested minimum donation (all proceeds go to Toys For Tots) AND an unwrapped, non-stuffed, new toy for a child
Raffles! Surprises! Santa! Marines! and ….

Toys For Tots 2012 Line-Up Includes: [Read more...]

Slutty but Funny – The Ladies of Candy Slice

“Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked!!!” is an Emotistyle video, brought to you by Candy Slice member, Shamikah, you can check out all the Emotistyle vids on that channel at

The ladies of Candy Slice are just that: a slice of heavenly candy, filled with awesomely hilarious characters, complete commitment to highlighting the absurdity of our entertainment industry (amongst other things), and let me be frank, they are pretty hot too. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I’ll always have a soft spot for sexy ladies that have no issue “uglying” themselves up for some good ol’ comedy. Relax. Watch. Enjoy. And laugh…a lot. But remember, Candy Slice is not liable for any choking and/or loss of candy due to involuntary laughter attacks during the duration of these films. You’ve been warned.
Candy Slice

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Slutty but Funny Love – Funny Musician Linda Roy

Linda Roy, I am in love with you. God dammit, you’re great. Your ability to embody the mannerisms and quirks of these famous singers is breathtaking and borderline genius. You had me pissing my pants from laughter in your original rendition of Lana Del Ray’s, “Video Games.” Did Lana give up sushi to give birth to her children? No, no she did not. That bitch.

Pairing classic and catchy tunes with hilarious lyrics about your children/fast food/your vagina, well let’s get real here, you found your niche, lady. Like I said, I officially fell in love with you, and I’m pretty sure so will all the Funny not Slutties of the world.
Oh, and can I make one request? Can you write a song about condiments (specifically Hellman’s mayo) and mix it with Kesha’s song, “Blow,” for me? I have a feeling you could rock out a pretty epic love ballad about my baby, Hellman.
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Behind the Music: Artisanal Line Dance – Jenn Dodd


New York comedians Jenn Dodd and Brendan McLoughlin have started a new character project entitled Faux Bands and B-Movies in which they create fake bands complete with album covers and B-movie posters with “behind the scenes footage” ala the Christopher Guest flicks. In this video, the first of the series, they riff on such pop cultural stereotypes as these Brooklyn hipsters, Ronny and Propecia of the band Artisanal Line Dance.


Jessica Delfino Is Magic

Funny Woman Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino

Insight from Jessica especially for FnS viewers:

This “NEW” video version of the “MAGIC” song was made for a UK TV pilot featuring lots of demented comedians. It was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland in Aug 2009 in two locations — one was the gorgeous Arthur’s Seat mini-mountain attraction that tons of tourist climb on a daily basis to get breath taking views of the ocean and surrounding city. Some climb drunk and die, but I was not one of them — not that year, anyway! Unlike American tourist attractions, there are no walls or fences around Arthur’s Seat (and no admission fee). You’re on your own, so don’t be a dumb ass, and wear sensible shoes to hike up the mound and not 6 inch high heels like I’m wearing in this video.
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Kimberly McBride: RAW IMPRESSION


Kimberly McBride

This interview with PunkWeb filmmaker Kimberly McBride was published on the old FnS site in July of 2008 and Kim was my first audio interview. There is no intro because I was just recording our conversation to write up later. But the real audio as too interesting to pass up so Kim gave me permission to upload it. Audio player is below:

JS: What you do is not necessarily parody, and it’s not always comedic. How do you categorize it?

KM: Homage in art. And I try to make it semi-funny, though it’s challenging sometimes working alone with no instant feedback. I do everything from the idea, to the set design, the makeup, the acting, the directing, and the editing. My solo work is a bizarre process. Working with other people is much more fun…I put my soul into my homage work. [Read more...]

Footastic Theatre – The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

We made these Footastic Theatre videos last year to promote a Blues Brothers Formal Classic Revue. Shellie Schmals even hooked us up with a great Blues Mobile replica! I shot the pic above at the concert, everyone had a great time. Footastic Theatre is a Funny not Slutty Original Production.

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5 -Year Olds Just Don’t Get the 80s.

What I think when I see the video for Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: “Oh, remember that time I found 50 bucks in a mall bathroom and spent it all on George Michael posters at Spencer’s? And remember when this song played at the junior high dance and Brent Berry asked me to dance but I said no because I’d worked so hard to get my bangs just tall enough and didn’t want to mess them up? And remember those red parachute pants I tricked my grandma into buying for me? And then I wore them to the Michael Jackson Victory tour? With that shirt, the one with all the zippers and shoulder pads the size of my head? And remember tanning in the backyard? With my little pink boom box playing this? While I greased myself up with baby oil? Totally awesome. Those days were so rad.”

Here’s what my five-year old thinks when he sees the same video: “Are those the kind of special people I’m not supposed to stare at?”

A few more random observations from the astute 5-year old in the family:

1. Come on Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners

“Those people all look like they’re in a jug band, or maybe they live on a prairie or something.”

2. You Might Think, The Cars

“I really like that guy that follows that lady everywhere. I bet when he takes off his sunglasses he’s a zombie. I feel like he’s gonna be watching me next time I take a bath.”

3. Karma Chameleon, Culture Club

(confused) “What the HECK??!!??!” [Read more...]

Jump! – Abby Heugel

I’ll set the scene.

The four-foot long windowsill in the spare bedroom of my childhood house.

Me, in all my six-year-old crimped hair glory, dressed in a “Get In Shape Girl” leotard complete with leg warmers, bangle bracelets and my own personal touch—two foam balls shoved into my shirt to emulate cleavage, a practice I may or may not still employ today.

“I know you like what you see.”

An enormously bulky boom box was situated in the corner. After visualizing my upcoming performance, I would adjust my jelly sandals and run to it, hitting “play” before quickly sprinting back to the stage mark on the windowsill before the music started.

“And if you want more, if you want more, more, more, more.” [Read more...]