All Skate Musical Long Form Improv


ALL SKATE! is Parvesh Cheena, Tom Christensen, Michael Churven, Kerri-Anne Lavin, Sarah Moreau, Scott Passarella, Wendy Rosoff, & Lani Shipman. On the Second City Stage every Friday night at 8pm!

Kate Rigg – I Will Survive

iPhone Concert Commercial – People Paula

Isn’t this what they’re really saying?

Rhoda TV Show Season 1 Theme

Brett Butler had this on her facebook profile.
Valerie Harper was Rhoda.

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Marina Franklin on Jay Leno!

Marina can have a salad now. I want to know if she hooked up with the guy…

Jessica Delfino is Becoming Famous


Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino

Funny not Slutty interview by Gabriella Giarrano.

She’s an accomplished writer with two successful music albums, a wildly successful world tour, a comedic style heralded as “witty”, “smart and edgy”, and “brilliant”, a plethora of awards to her name, and a unique, refreshing sense of fashion. She is Artist, Musician, Comedian, Writer and Fashionista. In fact it’s Jessica’s fashion sense that has her recently named one of Time Out NY’s “50 Most Stylish New Yorkers“.  And let’s not forget this is the Jessica Delfino who beat out Flight of the Conchords for “Best Musical Act” at the 2005 ECNY Awards. Her work is subversive, socially aware and hysterical. And that is why she’s becoming famous.

A lot of your material has to do with sex, female menstruation and genitalia,  STD’s, etc. it seems as if you write what you know.

Maybe some of my material does have to do with sex & female genitalia, but I have dozens of songs that are about other things. I used to feel like I’d done something wrong when people would say “all your songs are about vaginas!” but if that’s what so many people cling to in all of my repertoire, it just reiterates my belief that vaginas are some of the most magical and undeniably attractive and powerful things in the entire known universe, and it makes me wonder why more people don’t sing about them, and why more TV and radio stations don’t air songs about vaginas?

There was some controversy around your video “Jessica Delfino is Magic”, what was your initial reaction when YouTube removed the video?

A basic rejection response. At first my little old feelings were hurt that Youtube wouldn’t let my magical vagina play in their reindeer games. But I tend to get over things quickly and I rarely hold grudges. 

On the subject of controversy, The Catholic League president criticized you several years ago for your “Merry Shitmas” tour, claiming that  ”it only provides ammunition to the enemy (Muslims)” because of its Christmas themed debauchery, how did do you respond to such an outrageous claim? [Read more...]

Glennis McMurray FnS Interview – Gabriella Giarrano


Funny Woman Glennis McMurray

Photo Elizabeth Griffin

When it comes to making fart jokes with a pretty smile on your face, few do it better than funny woman Glennis Mcmurray. With a gorgeous voice, quick wit, and talent for hilarious poop jokes, Glennis is a force to be reckoned with. Recently FnS got to pick her brain about her beginnings in NY, work with improv and voice over, and where she is headed.

- I Eat Pandas became quite the success, how did that experience get started? Has it helped your personal career?

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Famous Baby – Kill The Band

Funny Woman Killy Dwyer

Killer Killy Dwyer

KILL THE BAND is the slightly retarded brain child of Killer Killy Dwyer, a comedic performance artist and badass rockstar who left a lucrative career doing commercials for shit you don’t need, to be an overworked and underpaid (though worshipped like Fonzi) performer in NYC’s underground art scene. Formed in the later half of aught 9, KILL THE BAND consists of Killy, Bamboo Silva (beatbox), Mike Milazzo (guitar) and Joe Yoga (bass) and is set to record their first album in February. You can catch them performing all over the NYC with an east coast tour lined up for early April. If you would like to book Killy or KILL THE BAND in your venue or bathroom, please email

Laverne & Shirley Show Opening

I married someone who was very funny, Rob Reiner, and we had people over all the time — Albert Brooks, Jim Brooks, all the Brookses. They didn’t want to hear from girls. God, no. Once in a while, I could shoot a line out from the kitchen. ”