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His Cheating Ways – Dr. Dina Life Coach

Dr. Dina, Cougar Life Coach, dishing out some tough love gone bad in her column on Funny not Slutty.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me but I’m not sure. I don’t want to confront him if I’m wrong. My friend told me that I should hire a PI.


I know one thing- you don’t need to hire a PI if you want to get the dirt on your significant other. The great thing about the internet is it allows us to spy on loved ones and do things that would have been completely inappropriate in the past.  Sure, it’s a complete violation and if he finds out, you are toast, but knowlege is power.

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Adrianne Frost – Manhattan Monologue Slam Champ 2006

You can see more of her work at http://www.adriannefrost.com/. She likes creating funny and twisted characters. “The more f’d up the better.”

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