Famous Baby – Kill The Band

Funny Woman Killy Dwyer

Killer Killy Dwyer

KILL THE BAND is the slightly retarded brain child of Killer Killy Dwyer, a comedic performance artist and badass rockstar who left a lucrative career doing commercials for shit you don’t need, to be an overworked and underpaid (though worshipped like Fonzi) performer in NYC’s underground art scene. Formed in the later half of aught 9, KILL THE BAND consists of Killy, Bamboo Silva (beatbox), Mike Milazzo (guitar) and Joe Yoga (bass) and is set to record their first album in February. You can catch them performing all over the NYC with an east coast tour lined up for early April. If you would like to book Killy or KILL THE BAND in your venue or bathroom, please email Kelly@kellybdwyer.com

Adrianne Frost – Manhattan Monologue Slam Champ 2006

You can see more of her work at http://www.adriannefrost.com/. She likes creating funny and twisted characters. “The more f’d up the better.”

The Retributioners – Drunk Dial Party

The Retributioners is about a woman’s quest to seek validation and revenge on everything from ex-boyfriends, former friends, people who stole her taxi, and everything in between. Stephanie Faith Scott and husband Eric Rasmussen produce this engaging web series in NYC.