Tap Your Troubles Away – Gilda Radner

gilda dancing
Did anyone else wake up on the wrong fucking side of Fashion Week in panties and a Hello Kitty t-shirt with dog hair all over it (which I’m still wearing) this Saturday? I have 13 more assignments to my degree, which sounds ok but it’s REALLY 13 too many. I have perfect scores on every paper this semester, which sounds great, but it’s really just a symptom of having no life. And I have a dental appointment Monday I’m so looking forward to, to have a crown re-done that I’ve had re-done twice already in the past 5 years. So it is not covered by insurance, so I pay cash for the whole thing.  I’m realizing I’ve had more dental work appointments than good dates in the last 2 years. I want to LEAVE the Atl area and move ASAP, probably to Denver but have no idea how to find a job there. I’m STUCK here doing homework for the next few months, no way around it…Did I mention I’m in a bad mood? I really don’t know what else to do, but to tap my troubles away. OK, I am not a dancer, but I’ll eat pizza and watch Gilda do the tapping. That might work…

Justin Timberlake PSA – Glaser and Schaefer


Please Justin Timberlake, make music again.

This message was brought to you by Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, with a little help from our friend Carmen Lynch.

You might want to check out Nikki and Sara’s podcast You Had to be There, I know I will.

Gisele Noel's Response Message to Jim Carrey

Gisele Noel

Gisele Noel: Emerging Comic Mogul is a YOBI.tv Season 4 Laugh Finalist, a YOBI.tv Season 3 Dream Maker Laugh Winner, SketchyWomen.com Founder, TheDenialShow.com Co-Creator, TweetTheJoke.com Winner, ComedyWhirled.com Repeated Caption Contest Winner, StupidAssQuestions.com Hall of Fame Comic, FunnyorDie.com repeat Caption Contest Winner, The Corporate Rejects Co-Founder & The Travel Channel’s ‘This Job’s A Trip!‘ Featured Comedienne.

The Louise Log – How to Flirt

Louise has had it with her sister’s animal magnetism. She is trying to produce her new web series with an award winning producer, but her sister, Ava, keeps getting in the way.

If you have not read our interview with Anne Flournoy, series creator, see it here. And our second interview is about how the subject of Anne’s webseries, Louise, is now producing HER own webseries.

See the complete series at  http://TheLouiseLog.com and learn more about Anne at http://anneflournoy.com/.

Laugh Factory Fresh Faces Competition

laugh factory

Help discover the future of comedy, and laugh while you’re at it!

The Laugh Factory is on the hunt for their NEXT BIG STAR and they need YOUR HELP! They have hand-crafted the hottest line up of young comics−some you may know and some you may not−but they are the Laugh Factory’s pick to be the next big thing. They are FRESH FACES! Join the Laugh Factory, Hollywood, the first Wednesday of every month at 10PM to witness their climb to stardom. Visit www.laughfactory.com to watch these FRESH FACES sets, then VOTE for your favorite FRESH FACE to ensure they come back the following month!

You can vote for in the current Fresh Faces competition – http://laughfactory.com/contests/FreshFaces/voting
Let’s vote for the chick comic Mary Patterson Broome

The following is a past FRESH FACES competitor, Melissa Villasenor:

Tig Notaro FnS Interview


Tig Notaro is most well-known as “Officer Tig” on Comedy Central’s THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM. In previous years, Tig played “Rhoda” on the ABC sitcom IN THE MOTHERHOOD (with Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines), “Leigh-Roy” on Comedy Central’s critically acclaimed DOG BITES MAN (with Zach Galifianakis), and had her own half-hour special, COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS TIG. She has also performed on NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING, ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, NBC’s LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY, ABC’s COMICS UNLEASED and Comedy Central’s PREMIUM BLEND.

Tig’s debut album “Good One” is available at iTunes and Amazon (there is a free sample track I recommend on that link) and you can also go to www.tignotaro.com for more Tig stuff. See Tig perform at The Caledonia Lounge this Thursday, August 25, in Athens, GA. You can listen to episodes of Tig’s podcast Professor Blastoff and follow Professor Blastoff on twitter.

Your CD Good One, which is hilarious, debuted at #2 in the US and #1 in Canada. And you were immediately #4 on iTunes Comedy top 10. Can you believe it?

i really can’t. and to celebrate, i went mansion shopping immediately.

You used to be a music/concert promoter, and have done some singing on Funny or Die. Can we expect any Tig music CDs anytime soon?

well, i’ve heard a rumor that taylor dayne would like to work with me someday, so ideally, we’ll be doing a duet album together.

You are often in lineups or podcasts where you are the only female. What’s that like? [Read more...]

Somebody’s in the Doghouse at UCB

Somebody’s in the Doghouse is Leah Gotcsik and Marty Johnson. They have toured to festivals across the country, including Chicago Sketchfest, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the Women in Comedy Festival, and were finalists at the Friar’s Club Improv and Sketch Competition in 2010 and 2011. They have also sailed the ocean with Chicago’s Second City.  Their sitcom pilot was featured in the New York Television Festival, and their comedy shorts screened in the Austin Film Festival and the LA Comedy Shorts Festival. Leah currently improvises with Baby Wants Candy and the Made Up Musical, and was a member of the house team Revolver at iO Chicago. Marty, a proud member of the Writers Guild, recently wrote a sitcom pilot for NBC Universal and is a writer and actress on “Vanity Project,” a new sketch television program that premiered in July, airing Saturday nights on WCVB, Boston.

Somebody’s in the Doghouse’s self-titled show will be performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (307 W. 26th Street) at 8pm at Thursday, August 18. Tickets are $5, which includes admission to both Somebody’s in the Doghouse and Brad Sacks Gets a Handjob, and can be reserved here.

Kathy Griffin Meets Michele Bachmann

…the title says it all.

That Roofie Made a Promise – Jessi Campbell


Jessi Campbell is a favorite at Rooftop Comedy, and a favorite of ours, too!

Cue Black Girls – Zollar and Threatte

cue black girls


Walk right when you done wrong from Cue Black Girls on Vimeo.

We know you done did it. We saw you in them handcuffs, so don’t even try to throw a jacket over your fool head as a disguise- child PLEASE! Who do you think you are fooling? Nobody. (but you might if you try these techniques)

Cue Black Girls (Keisha Zollar and Renee Threatte) – well you can blame Anne Hathaway for that one. And let me just establish it’s “Cue” not “Cute”…this isn’t porn, my mom watches the show. Anyway back to Anne Hathaway- I heart her. I have watched every single good (“Brokeback Mountain”, “Rachel Getting Married”) and crappy (ahem- “Bride Wars”) movie that she has been in. So when “Love and Other Drugs” came out I bought my ticket and plunked down to watch “Princess Diaries” have lots of sex with the “Donnie Darko”. Terrible. Just….terrible. Cliches all over the place from her dying, to the token minority sidekick coffee shop worker, and lame brother of the male lead with all the usual fat hatred jokes plugged into the necessary spots. But the cherry on top were the tender moments- where they added a track with some black lady wailing in the background like she had just caught the spirit at church. Oh lawd. [Read more...]