4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch

One of the awesomest things about publishing FnS is that the funny often comes to me. We have recently had several web series sent in by show producers and publicists. Here are 4 of my favorites, I think you will like them, too.

words with girls series

Words With Girls

Brittani Nichols, the creator of Words With Girls submitted a comedy web series featuring herself and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame.  This mostly scripted but part-improv comedy webseries focuses on 20-somethings in Los Angeles. When they’re not busy navigating “the scene” or jumpstarting their careers, these women do what the young, gifted and bored do best: shoot the shit.


Webisoder at Lively Productions, Elaine White,  submitted Blogologues. The series concept is performing material found on the internet. They just happened to have re-inacted one of my all-time favorite humor posts on the planet, It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**kers from McSweeney’s. I hope they will pick a FnS post soon. I think Open Letter to The Creative Group would be fabulous (subtle hint). [Read more...]

Héléne Bouffant on Halloween Fashion

It is I, Héléne Bouffant, back with more fashion advice for the unwashed masses (that’s you). In today’s column, I shall attempt to get into the spirit of the season and talk about Halloween costumes. Personally, I don’t care for Halloween. Why on earth would you want to pretend to be anything other than the fashion-froward goddess that you are?  That is why every year, I go as myself. One Halloween, some horrible little child dressed as “the Spiderman” walked up to me and said, “What ARE you?!” To which I replied, “I am HÉLÉNE BOUFFANT! And you look TERRIBLE!” His parents were furious, but I bet he won’t dress that way again! And so another fashion disaster has been crushed in its infancy by Héléne Bouffant.

I did some searching around the internet for Halloween costumes for women, and I must say, I was absolutely OVERWHELMED by the number of career options for women that were represented in costume! Those who think the fight for ladies’ rights is dead had better take a second look! Why, for Halloween women can be anything! Here are just a few of the ensembles I found in the “Women’s Career Costumes” section of various websites.


Police officer

Sexy Police Officer Costume
I’ve never heard of this town, “Busted.” Must be outside of the Hamptons.

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Your New Slutty but Funny Associate Editor – Natalie Wall

Natalie Wall
Did this slutty but funny lady finally put on her big girl panties this week? Why yes, yes she did.

There’s nothing like a good ol’ heartbreak to force you to get your shit back together and focus, and for me it has resulted in being appointed the associate editor at this lovely web site. Some of you call it “Funny not Slutty,” I call it Mecca.

Two years ago, Funny not Slutty publisher Jacki Schklar told me I had a gift and real talent when it came to writing. She told me this in a moment when I really really needed to hear that; nothing like adult braces and living with your parents after graduation for a year to make you slightly depressed and question all your aspirations and goals in life.

And let’s be real, your parents can only tell you that, “you are their favorite little humor writer,” for so long.

She trusted me so much that Jacki gave me a chance to spread my writing wings with my very own column, aptly named “Slutty but Funny”, where per usual I was constantly late with deadlines, posts and story ideas….and still am.

Yet, here I am two years later, and Jacki still trusts me. Why? I have no fucking clue, she probably shouldn’t. But don’t tell Jacki I said that.

She again, came to me in a moment when I needed someone the most. Someone to tell me that I was making the right choice in not choosing the typical 9-5 job that would result in no time to write, someone to tell me that basically throwing away my college degree and following my gut was the right thing to do.

She did the greatest thing ever and asked if I wanted to be “Funny not Slutty’s” Associate Editor, in which I responded in the classiest of classy ways, “Fuck yes!”

My only hope as your Associate Editor, is that I can help deliver the best female comedy website to you …while still being slightly slutty.

But don’t worry, I got the “being slightly slutty” part in the bag! Now let’s do some funny shit.


Slutty but Funny

Natalie Wall likes to think she is a female comedian but the reality is she’s a NYC girl trying to make it big. If she’s not writing in her blog, Awkward Sex and the City, she’s spraying vanilla icing on a mini donut or thinking of ways to kill Dora from Dora the Explorer. Help her, humor her and fall in love with the pale pasty princess straight out of Compton (not really).


Coffee Shop Dance Off – Elle Latham

I came up with Coffee Shop Dance Off a little under 2 months ago. I was getting restless in my not so burgeoning career and had the notion to come up with a sketch I could make involving my friends Dan Engel and Cat Doss. I had worked with them on two projects before; Super Awkward Fun Time (a little web show I created and invited Cat to cohost on several times) and DangleTV (Dan’s paparazzi show that I pretended to intern on in an over the top version of myself).

At the time I sat down to that table right across from Starbucks at Santa Monica and La Brea, I started to think of weird, funny things that occur in that kind of setting. I was listening to music on my phone at the time and then an idea popped into my head. It was crazy, dumb, simplistic, but different from anything I’d seen before. It consisted of two servers in a coffee shop that just started dancing, trying not to spill their coffees and one-upping each other.  Soon, I had a first draft script.

I had to think of a song to play during the dance off. The first song that came to mind was Starships by Nicki Minaj.  But I had to let that one go fast due to copyright and all that shit. It sucked cuz I thought that would’ve been hilarious. The irony is the song I ended up going with had someone claiming copyright even though the composer had been dead for over 80 years. I didn’t do the math. Okay. Anyway, that’s another issue entirely. The point is I couldn’t use Starships even though I thought it was perfect for the short.

Then, I focused on casting. I already knew I was playing Patron #1. That wasn’t negotiable. The problem was finding the dancers and seeing if Cat could play Patron #2. When I told her about the project and the part, she quickly said yes. I offered her no money but did ask for help producing since she had more experience in that area whereas I had zilch. She was an asset to me in the producing process and was made Associate Producer. I soon asked Dan if he’d DP for me as well as edit, knowing how good he was at both. He said yes. I told him I couldn’t pay him and he still said yes. So now, I needed two dancer/actors who were male and a location.

I tried to think about a restaurant that might let me film there without charge and quickly found Doomie’s, a little vegan/vegetarian restaurant I had been frequenting for the last two years. It was perfect.

Then, I approached Doomie, the owner, and he told me projects had been filmed there before and that it was cool if we did. I’m paraphrasing, of course. I thought SWEET! Location acquired.  I still needed dancers. At the same time, my AP Cat Doss asked if I could make Doomie a character in the short and so a second draft script was written in which he would announce the winner of the dance off as himself, basically. I named him Manager, of course. While I was at it, I decided to create a character for my DP Dan and give him the tag at the end referencing that infamous scene in Where Harry Met Sally when Reiner’s mother said she’d have what Sally was having. [Read more...]

Héléne Bouffant, World-renowned Fashion Stylist – The Top 6 Trends for Fall 2012

I am Héléne Bouffant, world-renowned fashion stylist. Welcome to my column on FNS. Most likely, you have not heard my name before. That is because I – like Voldemort – am She-Who-Cannot-Be-Named in the fashion community. It is whispered that if you say my name three times, I shall magically appear and offer you a pair of sequined harem pants. But do not fear, Not-Sluts, I am simply a misunderstood genius.

Summer is almost over, and the time has come to cover up your flesh, my saucy whores. But what are the trends for Fall 2012? I had no idea, so I went to the website StyleList.com to find out. Below, I have some of their/my picks for Fall. By the way, you should know that StyleList does not appreciate e-mails that both criticize their site while also asking for a job. Héléne Bouffant is blocked again.

My theme for fall is: “Don’t let that stop you!”
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Behind the Music: Artisanal Line Dance – Jenn Dodd


New York comedians Jenn Dodd and Brendan McLoughlin have started a new character project entitled Faux Bands and B-Movies in which they create fake bands complete with album covers and B-movie posters with “behind the scenes footage” ala the Christopher Guest flicks. In this video, the first of the series, they riff on such pop cultural stereotypes as these Brooklyn hipsters, Ronny and Propecia of the band Artisanal Line Dance.


Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent BLOW OUT: Friday May 25

Jenn Dodd Show

Each month the Buttski and Glasscock Talent Agency brings you the best of the worst in the most pure, yet eccentric, talent this small town has to offer. As only two career-savvy former show girls can, Buttski and Glasscock comb through Craigslist ad after Craigslist ad l…ooking to breed new talent. And each month YOU will determine which act will get a one-year contract with the agency. So bring your ‘A-game’ as we wade through some of the best ‘B-talent’ this town has to offer for only $5!! Jenn Dodd hosts this character show case. This month she welcomes: *Tim Girrbach *Sharon Jamilkowski *Becky Yamamoto *Amy Albert *Katie Hartman *Steph Garcia & Danielle Tolley of FIRECRACKER Come for laughs, stay for drinks! http://thepit-nyc.com/show/buttski-glasscocks-new-talent-blow-out/ http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/406069016092314/

Marilyn Snodgrass; Stylist for the Dead – Jenn Dodd

Some call her creepy but others simply call her misunderst- … no, she’s creepy. Marilyn Snodgrass is a dim-witted and adorably eerie beautician at the Astoria funeral home. Self appointed “fashion guru for the dead”, Marilyn was asked to give a speech for the New York Funeral Committee over her unique style choices for the recently deceased.

Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is a New York based character actress and comedian who loves to poke fun at mankind’s collective social awkwardness. Her character work focuses primarily on the wonderfully bizarre nature of every day people.

Put A Bird On It – Portlandia


 I don’t watch TV, but this makes me want to start…

Because she’s a writer, too

My four-year-old and I are sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. I’m on the Mac, writing as usual. She’s coloring. At least, until she puts down the crayons and pushes away her Dora the Explorer coloring book. She has a question for me.

 Mom? Can I have a pen and a piece of paper? I want to write a story.

“Once upon a time there was an elephant who every else thought was crazy, like that mean old kangaroo who really needs a time out, but he was really nice and trying to save those little Who-people on that clover flower. His name was Horton and that mean old kangaroo who needs a time out just didn’t want to listen to Horton about the little Who-people on the clover which isn’t a good thing to do because mean old kangaroos should always listen to crazy elephants named Horton about little Who-people who live on a speck on a clover. [Read more...]