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Alexandra is an overanalyzing, oversensitive mother of three boys who somehow found herself named as BlogHer ’11′s Voice of The Year for Humor. She has been a mother since 1994, which means she hasn’t been right about anything since. She blogs of the sweet and the funny while trying to go unnoticed in her small town. You can find her at Good Day, Regular People. Did we mention socially awkward? We should, which is why the internet was made for her. http://www.gooddayregularpeople.com/2010/12/fresh-pots.html




Anna Lefler -
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Anna Lefler is an award-winning writer and comic whose work has appeared online at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Salon.com, The Big Jewel, MyPheme, Funny Not Slutty and Humor Press. She is the author of The CHICKtionary:  From A-Line to Z-Snap, the Words Every Woman Should Know (Adams Media, Fall 2011) – a humorous dictionary of the things women say and what they really mean when they say them.  Anna has performed original standup comedy in Los Angeles clubs including the Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store, Room 5 Lounge and M Bar.


barb_best_175Barb Best

Barb Best feels your pain. An award winning humorist, she is the Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner for her essay on sleep and sex at Humorwriters.org and a Top 10 in The Robert Benchley Humor Competition. Her comedy material has been performed by Joan Rivers and published in numerous print and online magazines such as More.com and Divinecaroline.com. Look for her essay in the new humor anthology “My Funny Valentine.” She invites (begs) you to subscribe to her LOL humor blog on pop culture and entertainment “Barb’s Blast” and stalk her on Twitter @HaBarb.


Blythe Jewell

Blythe Jewell is a freelance writer/editor and professional-grade smart ass based out of Austin, Texas. Her work has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print, and she’s won many awards in recognition of her tremendous talent including an Oscar, a Pulitzer, the Nobel Peace Prize and a Daytime Emmy.  She also tends to lie a lot, and enjoys referring to herself in the third person.  Find her sometimes hilarious, always off-color, insanely unpopular blog at http://www.themusicalfruit.net/. Also available for childrens’ parties.
The Bean


Heather Davis -
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Heather Davis, Minivan Momma, has figured it all out. Follow along as she shares her tricks on how to juggle being a full-time, work-outside-the-home momma with two crazy, start-the-day-fighting daughters all while keeping her home neat and tidy, her toilets clean and her husband satisfied in bed (and not just on Saturday nights!).  OK – it’s only one “trick”. The trick is to ignore it all. Also, drink lots of sangria.  And laugh every day. You’re always welcome to laugh at her!  http://www.facebook.com/IAmMinivanMomma