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A Special Message from Ann Romney

New York based comedian Sharon Jamilkowski mainly focuses on character driven comedy, however she’s always been interested in politics ever since her short stint as a Capitol Hill summer intern as a teen. With the upcoming election, she decided to tackle some political humor with this short message from Ann Romney.

“Hey There Funny Not Sluttees- Thanks for watching my videos. With all the political campaign commercials, I hope this one will give you a giggle. For more of my videos check out my comedy face blog and get updates up coming performances at! Cheers, Sharon Jamilkowski

Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent BLOW OUT: Friday May 25

Jenn Dodd Show

Each month the Buttski and Glasscock Talent Agency brings you the best of the worst in the most pure, yet eccentric, talent this small town has to offer. As only two career-savvy former show girls can, Buttski and Glasscock comb through Craigslist ad after Craigslist ad l…ooking to breed new talent. And each month YOU will determine which act will get a one-year contract with the agency. So bring your ‘A-game’ as we wade through some of the best ‘B-talent’ this town has to offer for only $5!! Jenn Dodd hosts this character show case. This month she welcomes: *Tim Girrbach *Sharon Jamilkowski *Becky Yamamoto *Amy Albert *Katie Hartman *Steph Garcia & Danielle Tolley of FIRECRACKER Come for laughs, stay for drinks!!/events/406069016092314/

Cross(walk) My Heart Music Video

“Do you look both ways before someone crosses your heart? Well, 80s pop sensation Donna Wilson Philips sure does! Here’s her hit song “Cross(walk) My Heart”!

Brought to you by I’ve Got Munchies and Hungry Productions LLC, featuring Sharon Jamilkowski, Jenn Dodd, Paige Fockler, Percy Lambert and Brantley Brice. Music and Lyrics by Jenn Dodd and Evan Cannon.

We’re Back to the 80s on Funny not Slutty

Hello, and welcome to Back to the 80′s on Funny not Slutty. We have what I feel is the funniest week in the history of FnS, and that’s pretty funny. Look for original and classic 80s videos, 80s themed memes, blog posts and even a fab 80′s jukebox procured by our graphic designer, Lakia Ross.

Special thanks to Killy Dwyer, the Funny not Slutty Fairy, and her crew, Bill Chambers and Craig Schober for producing 3 vid promos.

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Jenn Dodd is 80′s Hip


Jenn Dodd and Jennifer Bartels, former roommates and gigantic fans of the 80′s, created these “legends in their own mind” characters. Loni Markeet and Ritzy Feldman not only starred in several terrible 1980′s NBC Monday Night Movies, but also created their own exercise franchise complete with beauty tips. Here is one in a series of awkward, sweaty fitness videos on which they collaborated.
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Tennis Grunts – Playing Like A Pro with Anna Kournikova

tennis comedy

Britney Spears’ 30th Birthday Video


Ever since high school, Sharon Jamilkowski was teased about sharing a birthday with Britney Spears. As their 30th birthday approached, she decided to avoid the typical meltdown and make a video exploring “What Would Britney Do?” for her 30th birthday and incorporate some of her favorite Hollywood starlets.



Victoria Jackson Memes – Sharon Jamilkowski

“The bigger the bow, the more you know!” See Victoria Jackson propaganda by Sharon Jamilkowski.

Victoria Jackson-Bow

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